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The Mullens take Tallahassee

Posted on March 18, 2016


After a year and a half in Tallahassee, the Mullen crew made a trip to visit me! We ventured up to Thomasville and around the capital. Ate pizza and binge watched 11.22.63 on Hulu (SO good!). Ate at my beloved Bada Bean. Poisoned by gluten-free sister with bread. It was a weekend for the books!


I regret to share that we’ve permanently turned the A/C back on, the Tally weather promises that summer is just around the corner. Regardless, we tromped all over campus. Down to the Oglesby and up through my building. My mom cried when she saw my office (has a more “Mom” thing ever happened?). I drove up and down the streets and pointed out all my favorite places. That’s where I get my coffee most mornings. That’s where we go to Happy Hour. That’s where my car got smashed! You know, the good stuff.


My family got in early Saturday morning. Once they got over the shock of how roomy our studio was, we went and checked out a new apartment complex since our lease is up in June. After that, we drove up to Thomasville for the second time in two weeks. But honestly it’s so cute up there – I could spend every weekend there.


But perhaps MOST importantly, my Mullen people ate at THE BADA BEAAAAAN! Otherwise known as Kent and I’s absolute favorite place to eat in Tallahassee. If they hadn’t liked it… I’m not sure what would have happened.

Sarah has gone gluten-free for the last few weeks to see if she noticed any difference. She’s been so strong and I ruined it all with a grilled cheese on Ezekiel bread. I kinda assumed it was GF and it definitely wasn’t – I honestly still feel bad about it :’) Eating out with her this weekend made me realize how difficult it is to avoid gluten. When we ate lunch in Thomasville and she couldn’t even order the soup because it’s base was a roux.

I could wax poetic about my fam all day. They are my favorite people in the world, nobody else I’d rather spend my time with. On Sunday night, we got (flourless) chocolate cake & ice cream at Bruster’s and we were crying we laughed so hard at the Snapchat faceswaps. We could do anything and it’d be a good time. We said our goodbyes on Monday morning and I’m already plannin’ my next trip to see them. File this one under #luckykate.

5 Food Documentaries on Netflix You’re Missing Out On

Posted on March 15, 2016

Food Chains

Watch it!
1 hour, 22 minutes

Kind of like how I thought my teacher slept at school, I always thought food came from nearby. In reality, the food at the store has traveled sometimes thousands of miles! Often, the people who harvest the food are treated terribly and could have their lives forever changes for pennies on the pound.


Watch it!
1 hour, 30 minutes

Global warming is a very real thing (Sorry, Rick Scott!) We’ve long known that our cars, factories and fossil fuels have contributed to the problem. But, it goes farther than our cars. One guy goes on a mission to unearth the truth behind agribusiness and it’s impact on our environment.


Watch it!
1 hour, 24 minutes

Genetically modified organisms *shudder*. It’s a growing concern for consumers and it’s becoming a political issue as well. We have a basic understanding of what they are, but where are they? Meat? Fish? A father loads his wife & boys into a van and they take off in pursuit of the truth about GMOs and their presence in our day to day lives.

Pure Plant Nation

Watch it!
1 hour, 36 minutes

It just makes sense, plant-based food is what is best for our body. But in a nation of burgers & bacon, it’s easier said than done. Pure Plant Nation looks at the places on Earth that aren’t affected by the cancers and ailments that affect Americans. The answer to our health is in our food!

Fed Up

Watch it! 
1 hours, 35 minutes

Take a few days and count up the sugar you eat. Once you’re aware, it’s insane to realize all the places sugar hides. Check out this list of 56 different names for sugar – it’s no joke. Sugar isn’t kind to our bodies and causes a whole host of health issues. But it’s not just the food, the government and big business behind sugar is staggering. Fed Up digs into the political pressure behind our food.

International Women’s Day

Posted on March 8, 2016


It’s International Women’s Day! We’ve been celebrating the strides women make as early as 1909. There are a lot of incredible women out there, but today my thoughts are with the strongest woman I know, the one who raised me and my sisters.

I can remember the night I realized that my Mom would be the best friend I ever had. I was in college, lying on my apartment floor talking through a tough day on the phone. She can talk me through the tallest mountains and the deepest valleys. It dawned on me then, that my Momma was the strongest, kindest person I knew. I’ve found that it’s such a difficult balance to keep, soft yet unapologetic. But, Mom was that, all the time. And now, years later, I’m still mystified by how this incredible balance she keeps in her life.

She’s unapologetic about being soft. In fact, she’s never made me feel like being emotional is a negative thing – ever. My Dad’s favorite story to tell revolves around it – my Grandpa told him when they started dating that “she cries in the cartoons”. I’m not sure she’s ever made it through an episode of Ellen without tears. But, that has never been stigmatized in our house. Feel it, feel it all, then figure it out.

She wakes up every day and gives herself to others. She pours her heart and energy into her classroom and it shows. She was out sick last week for a few days and her kids were over the moon when she came back. She gets invited to birthday parties and goes to watch their soccer games. She shows them the same firm love I got growing up and I know her thoughts are with them long after the bell rings.

Kent and I talk about how lucky we were to have Moms who were so devoted. In high school I would work nights at a restaurant and she’d be in the parking lot, like clockwork, at 9:45 PM. Even if I didn’t get out until 10:45, she’d be there.  From kindergarten to my senior year, she made my lunch every single day and she’d pack extra pumpkin bread for my friends. In college, she’d insist on driving me to a gas station so the person driving me back to UCF didn’t have to go out of their way. Then she’d cry, cry, cry as I drove away.

I realize now that there are very few people in life you can count on. Even fewer are the people you can count on implicitly. She could be anywhere and she would drop it in a second if I needed her. I had my moments as a bitchy teenager and I can remember the moments I tried my hardest to test her. Sometimes she’d get upset, but mostly I remember unwavering, sarcastic sass. She still is sassy as hell and I undoubtedly get my sarcasm from her.

My family has this incredible bond and it’s the labor of her love. People get paid huge money to build the kind of culture my Mom has built in our family. We ate dinner together every night and when my Dad worked the night shift, we’d bring him dinner and spend his dinner hour with him. Our best times are simply when we’re together. We could do anything and it would be the better than the most extravagant day apart. My parents have sacrificed so much to give my sisters and I the life we have and they do it with such grace. She is undoubtedly the most selfless person I know, and I can’t put into words how much I love her.

I got a note in the mail from my family today, the bit from my Mom read, “Please know I carry you around in my heart. You are always with me

Wednesday Five | Four

Posted on March 2, 2016

  1. I’m reading The Martian by Andy Weir and IT’S SO GOOD. I read a big chunk of books last year, I used to buy myself one every two weeks. I kinda fell off the wagon and I’m getting back into my readin’ groove.


  2. I love Yelp, yelpy yelp yelp.
    Monday night I toured the Tallahassee Whole Foods with a group of Yelpers and I was reminded of how much I like Whole Foods. There’s no BPA in the Whole Food’s 365 brand canned food – this is so exciting. I’ve been buying items like corn frozen in a bag to avoid using canned food whenever I could, as most can linings use BPA. There’s a bunch of health reasons you should avoid BPA, read about that here. WF is still too darn expensive for some items & they don’t carry Parmesan cheese (which is a staple in Kent’s diet), but we’ll definitely be visiting more often!

  3. My gym is closing >:(
    I’m guilty of not leaving my Gold’s Gym the best review on Yelp, but now that I know the location on Apalachee Parkway is closing – I’m kinda heartbroken. Partially because the next closest location is on Pensacola and is full of college students who didn’t wanna deal with Leach. Partially because we have this weird little community at the gym and I like it. We’ve seen the same group of people everyday after work for almost two years! There’s a strange, comfortable feeling in that. The last day is the 16th & we’re on the hunt for a new gym :'(

    kate mullen blog

  4. Dylan came to visit! 
    Last Friday, eaaarly in the morning, a Navy guy walked into my apartment at 2:10 AM. Dylan was heeeeere! In Tallahassee! He’s been in Biloxi, Mississippi at an Air Force base learning all things weather. As we drove around town, he pointed out all kinds of weather information that I’m completely unaware of. He even called me a “non-weatherer” ;)We kinda used it as an excuse to do some Tally things we never really get around to. We explored through Railroad Square and finally got around to eating at Bird’s Aphrodisiac Oyster Shack. Uhhhh – not really seeing the hype here, folks. More than anything, it was just nice to be with family. Loafing around watching RedBullTV (didn’t know this existed?) aka dudes flying over various objects on various machines. Eating. Laughing. All the good stuff about being with family.

  5. Eurotrip is just 81 days away!
    YAAAAAAAH. We’ve nailed down most of the details and it’s actually starting to feel tangible. I’m going to Europe! Can I say that again? I’m…. going to EUROPE. 10 days starting in Copenhagen, Denmark then onto Paris, France & finally stopping in Stockholm, Sweden before we make a stop in Oslo and head back stateside.We’ve got most of the details hammered out – we’re staying at this hostel in Copenhagen, then moving onto Paris and found an adorable Airbnb in this neighborhood. For Copenhagen & Paris we’re going to be traveling with Dan and Alexis, but we part ways post-Paris. Kent and I are going onto Stockholm, Sweden while D&A adventure off to Brussels (I think?!).

    I can’t believe it’s so close :0! The day before my birthday, back in November, it was a yucky Sunday in Tallahassee when we saw a crazy deal on airfares & a couple hours later we booked a trip! AND NOW IT’S HERE

    More soon, xo!

Push Yourself

Posted on February 21, 2016

Not my words! Found this unsourced on Tumblr & had to type it out so I could keep it to read and reread often. 

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 12.58.39 PM

1. Push yourself to get up before the rest of the world – start with 7am, then 6am, then 5:30am. Go to the nearest hill with a big coat and a scarf and watch the sun rise.

2. Push yourself to fall asleep earlier – start with 11pm, then 10pm, then 9pm. Wake up in the morning feeling re-energized and comfortable.

3. Get into the habit of cooking yourself a beautiful breakfast. Fry tomatoes and mushrooms in real butter and garlic, fry an egg, slice up a fresh avocado and squirt way too much lemon on it. Sit and eat it and do nothing else.

4. Stretch. Start by reaching for the sky as hard as you can, then trying to touch your toes. Roll your head. Stretch your fingers. Stretch everything.

5. Buy a 1l water bottle. Start with pushing yourself to drink the whole thing in a day, then try drinking it twice.

6. Buy a beautiful diary and a beautiful black pen. Write down everything you do, including dinner dates, appointments, assignments, coffees, what you need to do that day. No detail is too small.

7. Strip your bed of your sheets and empty your underwear draw into the washing machine. Put a massive scoop of scented fabric softener in there and wash. Make your bed in full.

8. Organize your room. Fold all your clothes (and bag what you don’t want), clean your mirror, your laptop, vacuum the floor. Light a beautiful candle.

9. Have a luxurious shower with your favourite music playing. Wash your hair, scrub your body, brush your teeth. Lather your whole body in moisturiser, get familiar with the part between your toes, your inner thighs, the back of your neck.

10. Push yourself to go for a walk. Take your headphones, go to the beach and walk. Smile at strangers walking the other way and be surprised how many smile back. Bring your dog and observe the dog’s behaviour. Realise you can learn from your dog.

11. Message old friends with personal jokes. Reminisce. Suggest a catch up soon, even if you don’t follow through. Push yourself to follow through.

13. Think long and hard about what interests you. Crime? Sex? Boarding school? Long-forgotten romance etiquette? Find a book about it and read it. There is a book about literally everything.

14. Become the person you would ideally fall in love with. Let cars merge into your lane when driving. Pay double for parking tickets and leave a second one in the machine. Stick your tongue out at babies. Compliment people on their cute clothes. Challenge yourself to not ridicule anyone for a whole day. Then two. Then a week. Walk with a straight posture. Look people in the eye. Ask people about their story. Talk to acquaintances so they become friends.

15. Lie in the sunshine. Daydream about the life you would lead if failure wasn’t a thing. Open your eyes. Take small steps to make it happen for you.

Wednesday Five | Two

Posted on February 10, 2016


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Hi! Happy Wednesday!

One. I cut six inches of hair off on Friday (bless) and I feel like a new person. Kent is happy because there are no longer foot long hairs lurking everywhere. The last time I had cut my hair was October 2014… :o

Two. This song! I can’t stop listening to it. Every week I look forward to my Spotify Discovery Weekly playlist and this week’s was full of gems. This one is my fav :3 Scroll down for a listen.

Three. The X-Files. What the hell, guys! Nobody ever clued me in. Long story short, I made a reservation to go camping on Saturday and it never happened. We needed a new show on Saturday night & tried the first episode of the X-Files and I’m totally hooked. Part of it is endearing because the mid-90’s technology is so darn funny. Faxes! I sent one for the first time last week and I had to enlist the help of not one, but TWO guys in the office. God bless email.

Four.  This picture! These girls. Last week, a woman I worked with told me that over the last 30 years she’s come to learn it’s not what you’re doing, but who you’re working with. I’m so grateful for this office of funny, open and forgiving girls I work with. & a shout out to Alvaro for taking this picture and being my life complaint sponge. Lucky, lucky, lucky.

Five. Internet Kate is getting out of control. I got a targeted ad on Twitter today for a FarmVille game but it’s all organic food you virtually harvest! SO I looked back at my recent tweets and 9/10 are angry about some sort of injustice in food or water. First, I put my tweets on private. But then I thought about how important it is to share those stories. Flint’s water crisis is absolutely DISGUSTING. I still can’t believe that it’s happening in America. I can’t believe it. Take a few minutes and read the water quality reports that your water utility puts out. You won’t believe the stuff in the water. Tallahassee’s report can be seen here. Double the amount of “recommended” fluoride and way more than is needed ;) Lead! Cyanide! VOCs! Ain’t nobody gonna do it for you, you have to inform yourself.

Okay, that’s it! Bye!


Wednesday Five | One

Posted on February 3, 2016

This blog will surely die if I don’t force myself carve out time to sit and write. Even if it’s five thoughts each Wednesday. Because, ya see, life is good! Tallahassee is chilly and work is challenging and school is inspiring. This blog has been such a nice capsule of my thoughts and experiences and I can’t let it turn into a documentary graveyard ;)

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 7.44.31 PM

ONE: I’m super into school. Right now I’m taking classes in project management and computer research. The computer research is almost a native thing – it’s a software class & growing up and working in tech makes this kinda simple. Project management though, I’m really liking. I could actually see myself getting PMP certified and eventually getting into Six Sigma training.

TWO: Vacation hangover is real y’all. I went to Orlando to surprise Sarah for her 20th birthday. We waltzed through Target, ate sushi, and I got to meet her beloved cat Ferguson. The next morning, my parents drove in to surprise her. We Mullens are cry babies, so we cried in the parking lot and hugged and then cried and THEN we went to IKEA. ’twas my Mom’s first time there… so we ended up spending THREE HOURS in the dang place. I’m now the owner of a new (unnecessary but whatev) duvet, glass jars and a wall hook that’s a dog butt. Success.

THREE: Kent and I are La Croix FIENDS. We’re drinking 24 cans in less than a week. We can blame this on our newfound love to Costco and all things bulk, but I would rather drink seltzer than regular water 10/10 times, so #burp.

FOUR: I have a new car! This isn’t exactly new news, but I haven’t updated dis in a lifetime. Just before Christmas, I was driving near Doak and a demolition truck sideswiped my lil Honda. She was too old to make it, so she’s in a better place now ;) I caught a ride south with a med student and a few days after Christmas, I bought a Prius! I was 90% freaking out about more debt and 10% excited. BUT having working speakers, a door handle, et cetera makes it pretty darn sweet. PLUS – it won’t let me lock my keys in the car. Not that I’ve tried.

FIVE: I went to the eye doctor today to get this weird bump on my eyeball checked out. Turns out it’s no big deal, but she told me my eyes are so dehydrated that I have an imprint of my contact on my eyeball (sweating emoji). SO she gave me these magical contacts to try out. They don’t itch, they don’t burn and they don’t move each time I blink. Happy Kate.