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Posted on December 4, 2018

Let’s back up a couple’a months.

We got married! My last post was the eight songs that take me back to different seasons of life during our relationship. The songs we listened to the first autumn we were dating. The band I overplayed in our first apartment together. When I wrote that post, we were 24 hours from getting married, full of nerves and very anxious.

And now it’s (somehow) been a year and a half. We celebrated one year of marriage in April with a weekend of moving… into our first home. It’s been a year, y’all.

So, in the spirit of not rehashing the last eighteen months of my life, let’s talk about today.

I’m feeling so good lately. Mostly because I finally graduated. Three years to finish a graduate program while working full time isn’t a terribly long time; but the end felt it would never come. The burnout was intense and I didn’t realize the effects of the stress until sometime in October; I came home one day and wanted to pick up my quilting. Since then it’s steadily gotten better, each day feels like I have the freedom to decompress, explore the creative projects I love, and actually cook a nutritious dinner.

Now, we spent most of the summer doing one house project after another. Painting every wall in our house. Tackling an ugly room of wood paneling with buckets of joint compound, a sander and lots of primer. Prying weird metal cages off the lights hanging in our dining room/kitchen. Thrifting heeeeella furniture off Craigslist. Buying at least four rugs. Landscaping. Learning how to deal with plumbing. Figuring out what to do with a flooded backyard. Shoveling wheelbarrows of gravel when said flooded backyard washed out all our gravel. And all that without any marriage ending arguments.

Much of that burnout came from burning the candle on both ends. Buuuut it was fun.

More to come.

kate & kent in 8 songs

Posted on April 29, 2017

You know that moment when you smell a smell that takes you back to a memory? Olfactory memory is the official term, but it’s not very sexy. Smell memory? Smemory? Smellory? Whatever.

When I find a song I like, I listen to it over and over and over. Until I know every beat, word and breath backwards and forwards. When I’m driving to work, when I’m at the gym, when I’m doing dishes; I’m listening to music. It drives Kent mad because he can’t stand to listen to the same six songs on repeat and then again when I sing them in the shower.

We’re getting married today, so I figure now is a good time to pull together the songs that bring me back the best memories and moments since I started dating Kent in 2012.

  1. Centenniel, Tokyo Police Club
    The night I first met Kent, we drank much too much and found ourselves on the floor of my bathroom. Sick and lazy, I brought my laptop into the bathroom to listen to music while we sat there with our sour stomachs. Kent played me this song off the album Elephant Shell. To this day, it takes me back to my lime green, fuzzy rug and a boy with curly hair and a cute smile.
  2. Home, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes
    I can remember living in my first real apartment in college, lying around with the windows open. It was football season and the weather was finally cool enough to be outside. I had just started dating Kent and we were deliriously, annoyingly happy. I played this song hundreds of times while we laid around and ate Oreos on polka dotted sheets.
  3. Giants, Bear Hands
    When I was still in school and Kent has recently graduated, he moved back to Port Saint Lucie while I stayed in Orlando. We weren’t great communicators and I was struggling to find my footing at school. When things were tough, Kent would send me songs he’d hear on Alt Nation and he knew I’d like. This was one of them and we both overplayed it, miles away from each other.
  4. Cough Syrup, Young the Giant
    My anthem for the summer of 2014. The day I packed up my lil Honda Accord with my college life and moved to Tallahassee, I listened to on repeat. When we lugged my boxes into our tiny studio apartment, I played this in the background. When we ate our celebratory burgers at Midtown Caboose, I played this on the way home. To this day, Kent can’t stand this song.
  5. Beware the Dog, The Griswolds
    At the same time that I was binging on Cough Syrup, Kent was binging on this song. Over, and over, and over. To this day, I can’t stand this song (ha).
  6. Breezeblocks, alt-J
    One of our favorite memories of Tallahassee will be going to No Bears Allowed, a student comedy troupe at FSU. The first night we went, it was a chilly autumn night and we walked really far because I didn’t know all the parking lots across campus yet. They were so, ridiculously funny and we got Taco Bell afterwards and jammed to this song three times in a row.
  7. Better Together, Jack Johnson
    I love Jack Johnson. Kent loves Jack Johnson. This is the ultimate Sunday morning, making breakfast song in our house. We even floated it for our first dance at our wedding.
  8. You and Me, Dave Matthews Band
    When we dance together for the first time as husband and wife, this will be the song that we twirl around the dance floor to.

Bachelorette Party in Epcot & Disney Springs

Posted on March 27, 2017

High-res version

Spent the weekend with my favorite babes in Epcot & Disney Springs for my bachelorette party! My bridal party is a group of girls I’ve known since second grade, a girlfran from grad school and my sisters. We’re all in kinda different places in life & I wanted to find something that we’d all enjoy.

When I was ready to plan a bachelorette party, I knew I didn’t want to go clubbing, travel super far or spend a whole bunch of money. Kent and his friends went to Gasparilla in Tampa and visited a brewery for a low-key, really fun weekend. I was hunting for something similar, but more fun ;)

I knew drinking around the world at Epcot would be an easy, fun bachelorette party. We booked two hotel rooms at the Buena Vista Palace, which is near Disney Springs. It had shuttles to the parks & there weren’t a bunch of kids running around (bless). It has a heated lazy river which ended up coming in handy after a longgggg day of drinking in the sun.


We grabbed dinner Friday night at Paradiso 37 in Disney Springs, meh food but really fun atmosphere.  Sat outside and was coaxed into singing (poorly) with pitchers of margaritas. After dinner we went to Raglan Road for obligatory irish car bombs & walked around Disney Springs. You could easily spend hours there, so many little shops to pop into.

Took it slow Saturday morning & got into Epcot around 10:00ish. The World Showcase doesn’t open until 11 AM, so we weren’t in a huge rush. The line for Starbucks was already 800 people long, so we went and did Mission Space before the day was crazy. We didn’t take advantage of FastPasses, but we didn’t really mind ;)

We started in Mexico, ate tacos, guac and rice and beans for a solid base to carry us through drinkin’ around the world. Friends told us to share a drink at each country to (a) avoid spending your life savings on alcohol and (b) to pace yourself. It was the Flower & Garden Festival when we went, so there were a bunch of smaller booths for countries like Jamaica.

I had a pineapple margarita in Mexico, Wildflower Pale Ale at the Urban Farm Eats cart, watermelon gin slushies at Florida Fresh cart, hard root beer & a lavender pale ale in America, blood orange cider at Cider House in Europe. But the very best was the potato, chive & cheddar biscuit with smoked salmon at Cider House!! I’d go back just for that.


It was so. much. fun. It would be the perfect bachelorette for a group that doesn’t know each other well, a large group, or a group where some drink and others don’t. Something for everybody, essentially. +1 for matching shirts, +1 for a veil & +1 for a sash. My girls got our Beyonce shirts from Etsy.

We were surprised how many other bachelorette parties we saw there! If you’re lucky, you’ll get serenaded by a sweet custodian who kisses your hand and gets on one knee.

March & Onward!

Posted on March 6, 2017


March! The weirdest, inbetween month that ever was. Tallahassee is yoyoing between 85 degrees on Monday & a high of 55 on Tuesday. Grasping onto these last chilly, beautiful north Florida days before we’re sauna city for the next 6 months.

Life is quiet right now, we went to a family wedding a few weeks ago & are starting to get reaaaaally excited about ours. Somethin’ like 55 days away now! We got wedding bands this past week, wrapped up little details for flowers, cake and #finally figured out a hashtag. This is my place, in the details. I love, love all the little decisions like ribbon color for bouquets, making favors and thinking about where I want things to go. AKA don’t bother me with important stuff like venue & catering lolol. After a last minute panic at alterations, my dress is ready to go and shoes are (sorta) broken in. I’m not much of a heels gal but I found some really cute & comfy ones that’ll make it all okay. We have our shower this weekend back in 772 & I’m looking forward to it! Not jazzed about a weekend bookended by 6 hours in the car but I scoop up any chance to spend some time with our family.

In somber news, Kent shaved his beard off. It was a good six months but the razor eventually won out :( We went to a freakin’ delicious Yelp event last week where we ate, ate, ate, and then ate some more. Angus beef burgers, veggie burgers, wagyu burgers. Burgers on buns, burgers wrapped in greens, burgers on a stick. Remember when I wasn’t eating meat? Me neither. I’ve been battling issues with my stomach/heartburn escalating and am still on the hunt for some peace. Said Yelp event got me allllll outta whack and I’m back on my bland (boring) diet in hopes of being on good feet to enjoy a few drinks at the wedding. A girl deserves a drank on her day, amirite?

Anyway, that’s the long & short of the last month or so. Cruising through this semester without any bumps so far & looking forward to graduating in a year! Mostly excited to have my freedom back but also excited for new moves & grooves with the degree. Almost forgot! Pictured is the most bomb ass chicken pot pie I’ll ever make. ’til next time :*

2017, thus far

Posted on February 9, 2017



A few shots from the last few weeks. It hurts my head a lil to think that we’re already into February.

School is plugging along. I’m in a social media campaigns course this semester that’s proving to be both fun and challenging. A nice departure from the sole challenge that has been grad school thus far. Kent is thinking about starting his Master’s back up after the wedding, too. Inbetween everything else, I’m binging on West Wing and we both caught up on Bates Motel this past week. It’s so freakin’ creepy but kinda addictive.

We’ve got a wedding next weekend that we’re super excited for & our own wedding is just 79 days away (!!) We’re all done with planning, just kinda waiting until the big day rolls around. Kent did his bachelor party a few weeks ago in Tampa during Gasparilla and loved it. We’ve got our shower coming up in a few weeks and then me ‘n my girls are doing Epcot for bachelorette. Exciting!!

Ok, that’s it for now. XO


Posted on November 8, 2016

Three years ago, I started typing out these tiny life updates in the days before my birthday, trying to encapsulate a years worth of experiences into words. When I reread my past posts, they mirror each other. Talking about personal growth, feeling happy, constantly fighting to stay in the present.

As a whole, twenty three has been overwhelmingly positive. It was a strange year at times, I have to pause and think when I’m asked my age. Is it 22? 23? Shit… have I been 24 this whole year? Twenty three has felt long at times, moments where balancing school and work humbled me. Seemingly infinite stretches of time when I forced myself to try uncomfortable things.

Over the past three hundred and sixty-something days, I’ve softened. Tried to release my grip on situations and embrace uncertainty with grace. It just isn’t in my nature to be calm – I’m constantly expanding. I fight to concentrate in church when my mind finds a spark of inspiration. I’m trying to stay present. Enjoy the moment and not focus on the ones ahead.

It has been a fantastic year. We traveled to Copenhagen, Paris and Stockholm. We got engaged under the Eiffel Tower and planned a wedding. We moved from our first apartment, I’m halfway through grad school and planning a wedding.

Spent my last day at twenty three at work, ate pizza and rounded it out with yoga practice. It’s a good life. Happy to be here

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Posted on October 17, 2016

High-res version

My favorite month and it’s been a good one so far. Today I wrapped up my first documentary interview! Being on the other side of things, even on a very amateur level, is really rewarding. I’ll be halfway through my grad degree after this semester (bless) and one of my classes is a foundational digital media course. I was scared shitless when I signed up, I had no idea what I was doing or getting myself into. I can’t remember a time I took a class that I knew literally nothing about – maybe Astronomy in my sophomore year of undergrad? We all know that ended disastrously.. But halfway through the semester, I’m loving it. It’s hard and I’m not great at it yet, but I really am enjoying it.

In other news, I get married in 194 days…!?!? Not that I’m counting, the wedding website we set up does that for us. Still kind of a trip sometimes when I think about it. Life moves so quickly and if I don’t consciously slow down and relish little bits of it, I swear to god it’d all fly by. I have blogged 0 about wedding planning and it honestly deserves it’s own series of posts. It can get out of control SO easily. It really isn’t hard to lose sight of marriage planning a wedding.

It’s really been such a break between writing here that I could write about anything that’s happened in the last six months and it’d be semi-relevant here. Really into my Scarpetta novels again. Reread a few last week and I downloaded the audiobook of the newest one so I can slowly relish it on my drive to & from work. The picture above is from our engagement photos back in September. I don’t think of Kent & I as particularly awkward people, but taking engagement photos can reaaaally bring it out in ya, folks. Overall it was a really positive experience, we just realized how non-candid “candid” photos really are. We found a really sweet photographer and I love her style, the photos are one of the things I’m most excited about the wedding for. (besides, ya know, getting hitched). The idea of having photos of us at this stage of life to carry with us and show all our family someday is lamely exciting for me.

I think that’s it for now y’all. Til next week or six months from now ;)