Let’s back up a couple’a months.

We got married! My last post was the eight songs that take me back to different seasons of life during our relationship. The songs we listened to the first autumn we were dating. The band I overplayed in our first apartment together. When I wrote that post, we were 24 hours from getting married, full of nerves and very anxious.

And now it’s (somehow) been a year and a half. We celebrated one year of marriage in April with a weekend of moving… into our first home. It’s been a year, y’all.

So, in the spirit of not rehashing the last eighteen months of my life, let’s talk about today.

I’m feeling so good lately. Mostly because I finally graduated. Three years to finish a graduate program while working full time isn’t a terribly long time; but the end felt it would never come. The burnout was intense and I didn’t realize the effects of the stress until sometime in October; I came home one day and wanted to pick up my quilting. Since then it’s steadily gotten better, each day feels like I have the freedom to decompress, explore the creative projects I love, and actually cook a nutritious dinner.

Now, we spent most of the summer doing one house project after another. Painting every wall in our house. Tackling an ugly room of wood paneling with buckets of joint compound, a sander and lots of primer. Prying weird metal cages off the lights hanging in our dining room/kitchen. Thrifting heeeeella furniture off Craigslist. Buying at least four rugs. Landscaping. Learning how to deal with plumbing. Figuring out what to do with a flooded backyard. Shoveling wheelbarrows of gravel when said flooded backyard washed out all our gravel. And all that without any marriage ending arguments.

Much of that burnout came from burning the candle on both ends. Buuuut it was fun.

More to come.