March! The weirdest, inbetween month that ever was. Tallahassee is yoyoing between 85 degrees on Monday & a high of 55 on Tuesday. Grasping onto these last chilly, beautiful north Florida days before we’re sauna city for the next 6 months.

Life is quiet right now, we went to a family wedding a few weeks ago & are starting to get reaaaaally excited about ours. Somethin’ like 55 days away now! We got wedding bands this past week, wrapped up little details for flowers, cake and #finally figured out a hashtag. This is my place, in the details. I love, love all the little decisions like ribbon color for bouquets, making favors and thinking about where I want things to go. AKA don’t bother me with important stuff like venue & catering lolol. After a last minute panic at alterations, my dress is ready to go and shoes are (sorta) broken in. I’m not much of a heels gal but I found some really cute & comfy ones that’ll make it all okay. We have our shower this weekend back in 772 & I’m looking forward to it! Not jazzed about a weekend bookended by 6 hours in the car but I scoop up any chance to spend some time with our family.

In somber news, Kent shaved his beard off. It was a good six months but the razor eventually won out :( We went to a freakin’ delicious Yelp event last week where we ate, ate, ate, and then ate some more. Angus beef burgers, veggie burgers, wagyu burgers. Burgers on buns, burgers wrapped in greens, burgers on a stick. Remember when I wasn’t eating meat? Me neither. I’ve been battling issues with my stomach/heartburn escalating and am still on the hunt for some peace. Said Yelp event got me allllll outta whack and I’m back on my bland (boring) diet in hopes of being on good feet to enjoy a few drinks at the wedding. A girl deserves a drank on her day, amirite?

Anyway, that’s the long & short of the last month or so. Cruising through this semester without any bumps so far & looking forward to graduating in a year! Mostly excited to have my freedom back but also excited for new moves & grooves with the degree. Almost forgot! Pictured is the most bomb ass chicken pot pie I’ll ever make. ’til next time :*