A few shots from the last few weeks. It hurts my head a lil to think that we’re already into February.

School is plugging along. I’m in a social media campaigns course this semester that’s proving to be both fun and challenging. A nice departure from the sole challenge that has been grad school thus far. Kent is thinking about starting his Master’s back up after the wedding, too. Inbetween everything else, I’m binging on West Wing and we both caught up on Bates Motel this past week. It’s so freakin’ creepy but kinda addictive.

We’ve got a wedding next weekend that we’re super excited for & our own wedding is just 79 days away (!!) We’re all done with planning, just kinda waiting until the big day rolls around. Kent did his bachelor party a few weeks ago in Tampa during Gasparilla and loved it. We’ve got our shower coming up in a few weeks and then me ‘n my girls are doing Epcot for bachelorette. Exciting!!

Ok, that’s it for now. XO