Three years ago, I started typing out these tiny life updates in the days before my birthday, trying to encapsulate a years worth of experiences into words. When I reread my past posts, they mirror each other. Talking about personal growth, feeling happy, constantly fighting to stay in the present.

As a whole, twenty three has been overwhelmingly positive. It was a strange year at times, I have to pause and think when I’m asked my age. Is it 22? 23? Shit… have I been 24 this whole year? Twenty three has felt long at times, moments where balancing school and work humbled me. Seemingly infinite stretches of time when I forced myself to try uncomfortable things.

Over the past three hundred and sixty-something days, I’ve softened. Tried to release my grip on situations and embrace uncertainty with grace. It just isn’t in my nature to be calm – I’m constantly expanding. I fight to concentrate in church when my mind finds a spark of inspiration. I’m trying to stay present. Enjoy the moment and not focus on the ones ahead.

It has been a fantastic year. We traveled to Copenhagen, Paris and Stockholm. We got engaged under the Eiffel Tower and planned a wedding. We moved from our first apartment, I’m halfway through grad school and planning a wedding.

Spent my last day at twenty three at work, ate pizza and rounded it out with yoga practice. It’s a good life. Happy to be here

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