I’ve been slacking hardcore on documentaries lately – Gilmore Girls has been on the tube an embarrassing amount. Pulling together a list of Netflix documentaries that we’ve enjoyed lately, see the running list of ones worth watching here.

Fight for Justice: David & Me

1h 19m. 2014. Available on Netflix Stream.

Crime doc. We’re interested in the justice system and how it works. This doc covers a lot of it and the injustice that inevitably happens. Convicted killer tries to turn his life around and a young filmmaker tries to prove his innocence.

The Mask You Live In

1h 31 m. 2015. Available on Netflix Stream.

Woooof this was an emotional watch. This covers the “boy crisis” in America and the love affair with pushing masculinity from a young age. Refiguring the system can create an opportunity to create a healthier generation of boys. Watch it, watch it, watch it!!

The Beginning of Life

1h 36m. 2016. Available on Netflix Stream.

This was an interesting one. It talks about children and how carefully their needs need to be met and how they shape the course of human society. Not for casual watching, a good bit of the interviews are in Spanish and have subtitles.

The Kids Menu

1h 28m. 2015. Available on Netflix Stream.

Food doc. An encouraging, eye opening doc. Focusing on childhood obesity, this doc shows that kids often make better eating habits if they’re given the right tools.

Hungry for Change

1h 29m. 2012. Available on Netflix Stream.

Food doc. This one talks about the silent influence of the food industry on your day-to-day habits. Kinda struggled to finish this one.

Sugar Coated

1h 31 m. 2015. Available on Netflix Stream.

Food doc. We all know sugar is the culprit for many health related issues and Sugar Coated delves into the history behind sugar. It’s impact on society, politics and lobbying is explored. Definitely a good watch.

Welcome to Leith

1h 26m. 2015. Available on Netflix Stream.

Totally fascinating. A teeny town in North Dakota is targeted by a big time white supremacist. When he tries to colonize the town and turn it into a village of white supremacists, Leith has to take matters into their own hands.

Catching the Sun

1h 13m. 2015. Available on Netflix Stream.

Catching the Sun explores solar energy, it’s potential to invigorate the economy and the personal stories behind the people desperately lobbying for clean energy. Of course, a good bit of anti-solar people fight back and provide a little drama ;)

All Work All Play

1h 33m. 2015. Available on Netflix Stream.

Definitely an interesting watch if you’re into gaming or watching streams. E-sports are exploding and this doc follows several professional League of Legends teams on their way to the Extreme Masters championship.

Crafting a Nation

1h 36m. 2013. Available on Netflix Stream.

Beer documentary! The best kind, amirite? Craft beer is insanely popular in the U.S. and this doc follows the revolution. Local economies are benefitting and smaller brands are becoming common in the fridge. Follow different craft breweries as they struggle to open and make a name in the beer industry.


1h 19m. 2014. Available on Netflix Stream.

Watch this one. Seriously. A group of activists raid an FBI office in 1971 and find damning evidence of illegal surveillance and decades later, they’re talking about it.

Code Black

1h 20m. 2013. Available on Netflix Stream.

This one really shifted my perspective on a lot of things. Code Black is a term used when a public hospital has an extremely packed waiting room. In fact, some people wait days to be seen in a public hospital because private hospitals won’t treat patients who can’t pay. Doctor and filmmaker follows a public hospital up close.

Little Hope Was Arson.

1h 14m. 2013. Available on Netflix Stream.

Crimeish doc. 10 churches are burnt in a tiny East Texas town and a devoutly religious community deals with the aftermath.

Bigger, Stronger, Faster

1h 46m. 2008. Available on Netflix Stream.

Chris Bell follows his famous powerlifter brother, Mark Bell. Steroid use is rampant in competitive lifting and professional sports and Bell takes a critical look at sports and competition. It’s an emotional watch and really interesting for someone with zero interest in lifting (me). If you liked The Mask You Live In, this one also touches on the themes of masculinity in America and their impact on males.

Bite Size

1h 29m. 2014. Available on Netflix Stream.

Food doc. This follows four obese kids as they try to shed weight. Either by working out, dieting, going to “fat camp” or all three.

Hoop Dreams

2h 51m. 1994. Available on Netflix Stream.

Critically acclaimed documentary that has won awards at Sundance and beyond. Somehow, I am just now watching it. It’s a long one, nearly 3 hours, but a fantastic watch. It follows two high school boys in Chicago as they try and make basketball a career. It touches race, sports, family dynamics and more. An absolute must watch.