13323785_10154363483264180_148915484066881722_oI’ll admit – I planned the Paris leg of our trip pretty poorly. We got in late on Friday night, in time to grab a hot dog and sleep. We had Saturday and Sunday to explore before we headed out to Stockholm on Monday morning. Paris was beautiful and we could have easily spent longer there! A couple of things we explored while we were there & our favorites are below!


Le Marais | The best happy accident of our trip was booking an airbnb in this neighborhood. I could have spent days in Le Marais alone, wandering up and down the streets. We didn’t use the metro to go anywhere because we were able to walk just about everywhere – The Lourve, the Notre Dame, Berthillion and world famous Las du Falafel were all within walking distance. Bonus, on Sunday morning there was a huge street fair going on that was a thrifter’s dream.

The Lourve | I’m not that into this style of art, but we decided to go anyway because it was a rainy Saturday. Kent and I poked through to see the Mona Lisa (which wasn’t as packed as all the forums say) and then sat and ate chambert sandwiches for the afternoon (oops). It was a good rainy day activity, but it wasn’t monumental in my opinion.

Eiffel Tower | Touristy but worth it. We were floored when we got there and realized how huge the Tower actually is. The surrounding area and the lawn behind it aren’t that nice, full of people selling wine/roses. We went on a Saturday night and it was very, very busy.

We bought tickets to go up to the top at 8 PM and it took us about 5 minutes to get up there. Buying ahead of time saves the lines, which gave me a headache just looking at. Some folks waited hours just to get up there. We went to the second level and decided to explore the surrounding area, while Dan and Alexis went to the top. The view was pretty much the same, we just didn’t have the patience to wait for the elevator to go up. Going to the second level took maybe 15 minutes from arrival, going to the top added an additional 1.5-2 hours.

On a side note, we stopped and ate at Chez Ribe which is right around the corner from the Eiffel Tower. It was decently priced and the food was good. Plus, they had wifi ;)

The Catacombs | I sat this one out, but Kent, Dan and Alexis went on Sunday morning. They got there when it opened and still waited in line for TWO HOURS. After that, it was a pretty decent walk through the catacombs themselves. I was tired and opted to wander around Le Marais instead and I’m kinda glad I did.

Berthillion | Hands down the greatest ice cream I’ve ever had. Kent always goes for the richer flavors like chocolate, while I went with pamplemousse (grapefruit). The chocoalte was crazy rich but the grapefruit was incredible. If you eat in, you can only get a waffle bowl, if you order at the window you can only have a cone. We thought that was a little strange, but it worked out just fine.

Las du Falafel | When I walked down Rue des Rosiers, it took me a minute to realize the first falafel shop is not Las du Falafel. It’s a bit farther down and had a significantly longer line than the first place I passed. That said  – it was worth the wait. The falafel was SO good and line moved pretty quick.

Notre Dame | This was maybe ten minutes from our apartment and we walked down on Saturday morning to find a really busy scene. We were a little daunted by the long line, but it moved really quickly and we only waited for 5-7 minutes. The inside was beautiful, Kent and I have never seen anything like it.