Visit Carlsberg | Carlsberg is the beer of Copenhagen and their old production buildings have been turned into a beer garden/museum.

We went to Carlsberg right when they opened at 10 AM & in hindsight, we probably should have eaten a bit more before drinking a bunch of beer ;) Admission ticket gives you two beers and we opted for the beer tasting, which was another three beers. If you like beer, I’d recommend it!

Christiana Free World | Gonna give this one a “ehh” rating. I read up on Chrisitana before we came and some said it was a huge part of Copenhagen that had to be seen, others didn’t care much for it. I’m gonna side with the latter, we walked through around 2 in the afternoon & were in and out in 15 minutes. It wasn’t somewhere I’d spend a bunch of time in, there were some interesting things but overall not a place I’d go out of my way for.


Tivoli Gardens | Had we been here alone, I’m not sure I would have gone to Tivoli. Since it was in the center of the city, I kinda assumed it’d be dinky. Dan recommended we go down one evening & it was incredible. A more whimsical, charming Disney contained in an urban setting with cooler rides. We paid 100dkk/$15 to get in and rides were extra. We could have spent the entire day there.

Nørrebro | Our hostel, Sleep in Heaven, was in the neighborhood of Nørrebro & it was kinda neat. Lots of little brunch spots, bars & cheap eats.


Nyhavn | Not the cheapest place to eat, but a beautiful place to walk through. We especially loved the little trampolines along the canal.

Helsingør | Our last day, we bought an all zones ticket and took the train up to Helsingør, home of Kronborg Castle (Hamlets ghost is said to live here). The castle was impressive, but we had an even better time taking in a different side of Denmark. The library there was incredible and we spent awhile meandering up and down the city streets. Photo is from Helsingør. Easily the most beautiful place we saw during our stay in Denmark.

Fredericksburg | This area was probably my favorite, it had the classic Copenhagen look & colorful buildings.