Life has been all over the place this last month. My blog drafts range from “LIFE IS GREAT” to “I’ve never felt so overwhelmed”. It’s been a trying few weeks, but I made it out on the other side. 

The semester is over! I felt small and incapable at points and there was an entire week of pity parties towards the end – but it turned out just fine. My statistics class ended up with a B and I’m still waiting on my project management course, but I’m suspecting an A ;) 

We traveled up to Valdosta yesterday to watch our dear friends Jonathan & Kendall get married. It was incredible, like a scene out of a southern storybook. They were married by Jonathan’s dad and we ate fried chicken & butter beans under the shade of pecan trees. We danced and danced and danced and had the best time. We were talking this morning and Kent said he’d never seen Kendall so alive, which was a perfect way to describe the night. Everything was in harmony and Kendall and Jonathan were so darn happy. 

I went home for a quick break last weekend, staying in Orlando on Friday night and SB and I were in Palm City by 9 AM. Sometimes there is nothing like being around your family. Even if it’s for 24 hours, bookended by six hour drives. 

We are marking the final month in our studio. I’m a bit sad about it, honestly. It’s been two years of small space and it’s been so much fun. We’re definitely ready for more room, but I’ll miss this teeny apartment that has held some of my happiest days. We scoped the apartment out this afternoon and it’s a stones throw from our friends – he saw us walking around from his porch. 

But before we can move – EUROPE. We leave for Denmark in 23 days and I am in disbelief as I write that. The rainy Sunday in November that started this whole fiasco seems like yesterday. I ordered currency for the three countries today and it got so real. Double checked errything in true control freak fashion and reminded myself to take a deeeep breath. We’re back stateside on the 2nd and we have 19 days of overlap in our leases, which means blissfully slow and controlled moving. Well, it could mean that, but I’ll probably want to do it all on the Saturday we get back ;)

So, life as of late. It’s been a test of patience and filled with so much light and love. Feeling grateful for each day and looking ahead to our adventures to come.