Ok now that I’m up for air & feeling human again – a life update! It’s been a really relaxing, low-key weekend full of beer, food and naps. My most favorite things ;)

  1. Europe is 42 days away.  Which means that the end of the semester is way closer than that. I was pokin’ around today & decided I kinda wanna go to the Ice Bar while we’re in Stockholm. Is that terribly touristy? Do I really care?!
  2.  Family is 39 days away (!!) We’re going home before we fly out of Orlando and I’m SO looking forward to being back in Palm City. It’s been since Christmas and even though all of our families have come and visited – being home is just different.Two weekends ago Kent’s Dad & Nanny came up with Granddaddy and Sweetheart on their way up to Biloxi to see Dylan. It was a quick, rainy trip but really nice to see everyone. Kent ended up meeting us late from work and it was so darn cute to see Sweetheart get all excited about Kent in his work clothes. It’s the little things ;)

    Kent’s Momma & Reagan came up the next morning and stayed until Sunday and it just rained, rained, rained the whole time! But we saw parts of Tallahassee we wouldn’t have explored otherwise and honestly, family is family no matter where you are. We could have been sittin’ around doing nothing for three days and it would have been just as great.

  3.  Freedom is 18 days away. Graduation is 18 days away, which means my life is going to take a huge breath of relief after that. Summers at Florida State are absolutely blissful – I don’t have to worry about parking, there’s never a line at Dunkin, life is generally a little slower. But more importantly, school will be over. I’m thinkin’ about taking an online class & maybe an in-person Summer C, but honestly I keep telling myself I can take the summer off and hide under a blanket to keep me going.
  4. National Siblings Day! My seesters are my best friends. Always have been and always will be. I’m so lucky to have them and truly can’t imagine my life without them. SB is plugging away with her education classes at UCF & Lib is in that junior-year “omg I have the SATs deep breathing” stage. She has prom in a week and I’m gonna miss it for a work conference but I really wish I could be there. Two years ago I went to he r& Sarah’s group pictures and brought Kent along because he’d never been to prom before ;)
  5. The China Study. I’m actually struggling to come up with five things to write about that aren’t boring – what has my life become. I ordered The China Study because I’m trying to commit myself to veganism and better eating choices, but dammit if it isn’t really hard. The China Study has turned out to be one of the most fascinating, perspective shifting books I’ve ever read. It talks about casein, the protein in milk, and how it essentially feeds cancer cells. No sarcasm, it’s really neat stuff.

Ok that’s it, I promise to be more interesting in the future :*