I got home today and wrote thing long, pity-filled blog about life. About class being hard and exams stressing me out. About work getting busy. About feeling small and scared in situations I’m fortunate to be in. 

Last night, my last straw of mental peace broke and I yelled at Kent for trying to make his own dinner. Can’t make this stuff up, folks. Minor meltdown and a good night’s sleep later, today was a new day. 

But sometimes a sour attitude and a pity party can really go a long way, and I let it happen. Slumped through class and bitched & moaned about silly, inconsequential things all day. 

And then, tonight, I remembered how important and small I am. 

I watched Code Black, a documentary about ER doctors in a public hospital. Public hospitals make up 2% of medical institutions in America and serve more than 20% of our population. Their jobs are hard and important. My job can be hard and, at times, what I do is important. Not in an urgent way, but I have the chance on a daily basis to touch people and be kind. I sat and watched doctors work for endless shifts in impossible situations and I was humbled. 
Dad always talks about how God is important for kids because He teaches us that we are important and intentional. You can be important and do “small” work. You can impact the life of a single person – and it is important. Whatever you do in life, you are important, loved, intentional. 

So I bucked up and got over myself. I’m not solving global issues, but I’m doing it with intention and patience. Everything lately is a lesson in patience. Kent takes the gold for quietly backing out of the kitchen last night and giving me seven minutes of silence. Anyway, that’s all. Code Black is on Netflix & gave me beautiful perspective on a really grumpy, sassy day.