After a year and a half in Tallahassee, the Mullen crew made a trip to visit me! We ventured up to Thomasville and around the capital. Ate pizza and binge watched 11.22.63 on Hulu (SO good!). Ate at my beloved Bada Bean. Poisoned by gluten-free sister with bread. It was a weekend for the books!


I regret to share that we’ve permanently turned the A/C back on, the Tally weather promises that summer is just around the corner. Regardless, we tromped all over campus. Down to the Oglesby and up through my building. My mom cried when she saw my office (has a more “Mom” thing ever happened?). I drove up and down the streets and pointed out all my favorite places. That’s where I get my coffee most mornings. That’s where we go to Happy Hour. That’s where my car got smashed! You know, the good stuff.


My family got in early Saturday morning. Once they got over the shock of how roomy our studio was, we went and checked out a new apartment complex since our lease is up in June. After that, we drove up to Thomasville for the second time in two weeks. But honestly it’s so cute up there – I could spend every weekend there.


But perhaps MOST importantly, my Mullen people ate at THE BADA BEAAAAAN! Otherwise known as Kent and I’s absolute favorite place to eat in Tallahassee. If they hadn’t liked it… I’m not sure what would have happened.

Sarah has gone gluten-free for the last few weeks to see if she noticed any difference. She’s been so strong and I ruined it all with a grilled cheese on Ezekiel bread. I kinda assumed it was GF and it definitely wasn’t – I honestly still feel bad about it :’) Eating out with her this weekend made me realize how difficult it is to avoid gluten. When we ate lunch in Thomasville and she couldn’t even order the soup because it’s base was a roux.

I could wax poetic about my fam all day. They are my favorite people in the world, nobody else I’d rather spend my time with. On Sunday night, we got (flourless) chocolate cake & ice cream at Bruster’s and we were crying we laughed so hard at the Snapchat faceswaps. We could do anything and it’d be a good time. We said our goodbyes on Monday morning and I’m already plannin’ my next trip to see them. File this one under #luckykate.