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This little bucket list is coming to a close really soon, might as well give an update on what I’ve been up to! More than anything, it’s funny to look at where I was when I wrote this list and how life has unfolded since then. Some of my tasks are of zero interest to me anymore and I honestly wonder where my head was when I wrote some of them.

So, here we go! A 101 in 1,001 update:

5. Give up sweets for two weeks. This happened organically, actually. I’ve been thinking about cutting out added sugar from my diet for awhile. It’s harder than you think, but I’ve been avoiding it pretty well for the last couple weeks. No more kombucha and cookies from Earthfare, but my addiction to La Croix makes it a little easier.

14. Maintain a weight under 125. Don’t wanna jinx it here, but this one has been pretty constant over the last few years. Partially due to Kent’s healthy eating habits that I’ve picked up, but I’ve been really finding my vibe in the gym lately. I started the BBG program from Kayla Itsines recently and I’m wiped out after each workout.

20. Send 50 handwritten notes. This kinda happened on it’s own, we held a conference at work that had a bunch of panelists from the community. A few weeks ago, I wrote and mailed out around 30 thank-you notes. Plus, we’ve been sending snail mail to Kent’s grandpa in Kansas lately. He always sends back a note thanking us for the card and telling us he is always thinking of us.

27. Make a budget and stick to it. When I bought a new car, I had this panic to get all my finances in OCD order. I started using the envelope system in January, pulling out for different envelopes with different paychecks. It’s been really helpful and it’s easier when we grocery shop and I can give Kent cash rather than asking the cashier to run two cards. I’ve been really plugging away at my students loans and today my total went under $17,000. I started plugging away in Fall 2014 when my loans were just over $25,000. It’s SO gratifying to see that number drop every month.

35. Harvest my own vegetables. I may have blogged about this before and not crossed it off, but I’m a seasoned cucumber farmer now! Last spring I planted a few different seeds and the cucumbers TOOK OFF. Wrapped up around the porch railing and down the stairs. It even climbed up the utility line to my upstair neighbor’s apartment. THEN she stole one of my huge, beautiful cucumbers. But – can’t say I blame her.

42. Visit a factory. I literally did this TWO YEARS AGO and I haven’t marked it off. C’mon, Kate. We’re planning our Europe trip bit by bit and we’re signed up to tour the Carlsberg beer factory in Copenhagen, Denmark! Really excited for that.

53. Have perfect attendance for an entire semester. Considerably easier when you’re only taking two graduate courses as opposed to five undergrad classes. Last semester & this semester I’ve made it to eeeeevery lecture. Go me.

61. Take a picnic somewhere pretty. Yet another one I did 2.5 years ago and haven’t marked off. We had a picnic in Baldwin Park on our one-year dating anniversary.

73. Stop Cursing. Lol, what came over me when I wrote this one? Not happening.

85. Go back to New York City. I did this in October with my sisters! I blogged about it here.

98. Learn Calligraphy. Can we amend this to say “sorta learn calligraphy”? I’m definitely comfortable with the pens, but I’ve found I’m more into freehand lettering than using a traditional calligraphy pen.