Food Chains

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1 hour, 22 minutes

Kind of like how I thought my teacher slept at school, I always thought food came from nearby. In reality, the food at the store has traveled sometimes thousands of miles! Often, the people who harvest the food are treated terribly and could have their lives forever changes for pennies on the pound.


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1 hour, 30 minutes

Global warming is a very real thing (Sorry, Rick Scott!) We’ve long known that our cars, factories and fossil fuels have contributed to the problem. But, it goes farther than our cars. One guy goes on a mission to unearth the truth behind agribusiness and it’s impact on our environment.


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1 hour, 24 minutes

Genetically modified organisms *shudder*. It’s a growing concern for consumers and it’s becoming a political issue as well. We have a basic understanding of what they are, but where are they? Meat? Fish? A father loads his wife & boys into a van and they take off in pursuit of the truth about GMOs and their presence in our day to day lives.

Pure Plant Nation

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1 hour, 36 minutes

It just makes sense, plant-based food is what is best for our body. But in a nation of burgers & bacon, it’s easier said than done. Pure Plant Nation looks at the places on Earth that aren’t affected by the cancers and ailments that affect Americans. The answer to our health is in our food!

Fed Up

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1 hours, 35 minutes

Take a few days and count up the sugar you eat. Once you’re aware, it’s insane to realize all the places sugar hides. Check out this list of 56 different names for sugar – it’s no joke. Sugar isn’t kind to our bodies and causes a whole host of health issues. But it’s not just the food, the government and big business behind sugar is staggering. Fed Up digs into the political pressure behind our food.