This is the story of how Kent and I wrote off the cute little town of Thomasville. Last year we made the forty minute drive on a Sunday to find a cute, but totally empty town. So darn cute that it closes everything on Sunday! We drove in, looped around and drove the forty minutes home. 

And on that note, we would have never gone back. Until today! 

I’d heard about Jonah’s Fish & Grits. It was supposed to be super, incredibly, life changingly, good. We woke up this morning and I just HAD to venture out for said grits. 

A side story about grits (words I never imagined I would write). I went to sleepaway summer camp for years and years at Life for Youth Camp. Absolutely some of my best memories. Each morning we’d wake up for flag raising, bribe one of the girls to French braid my hair, and then we’d file down to breakfast. They always had grits. I can’t remember now what I would eat, probably dry cereal. But grits, man. They made my stomach turn. It looked like someone mixed Elmer’s with sand and added brown sugar for good measure. I was totally grit traumatized! I was 22 before I saw the light of (well cooked) grits. Welp, that was anticlimactic ;) 


We went up Thomasville. Got an incredible cup of black coffee at Grassroots. Popped through The Bookshelf which was my place

JUST LOOK AT IT. ugh gives me goosebumps and I wanna just empty my wallet and spend my life there. In other non-bookstore news: I finally bought a Yeti (praise) and Kent found ammo that he & his dad had been searching for. 

Oh yeah, and then I ate Jonah’s. Started with fried pickles because heeeelllooooo – pickles! My favorite food. Kent got a mahi wrap and I had shrimp and grits and THE HUSH PUPPIES! Stupid good. But, the rest of my food words are for Yelp. 

So, a good day. Came home and took a nap. Woke up, ate my leftovers in bed, took a bath, and then took another nap. Quilted with my insane amount of scraps and now – I’m on the couch watching X-Files. I love you, Saturday.