1. I’m reading The Martian by Andy Weir and IT’S SO GOOD. I read a big chunk of books last year, I used to buy myself one every two weeks. I kinda fell off the wagon and I’m getting back into my readin’ groove.


  2. I love Yelp, yelpy yelp yelp.
    Monday night I toured the Tallahassee Whole Foods with a group of Yelpers and I was reminded of how much I like Whole Foods. There’s no BPA in the Whole Food’s 365 brand canned food – this is so exciting. I’ve been buying items like corn frozen in a bag to avoid using canned food whenever I could, as most can linings use BPA. There’s a bunch of health reasons you should avoid BPA, read about that here. WF is still too darn expensive for some items & they don’t carry Parmesan cheese (which is a staple in Kent’s diet), but we’ll definitely be visiting more often!

  3. My gym is closing >:(
    I’m guilty of not leaving my Gold’s Gym the best review on Yelp, but now that I know the location on Apalachee Parkway is closing – I’m kinda heartbroken. Partially because the next closest location is on Pensacola and is full of college students who didn’t wanna deal with Leach. Partially because we have this weird little community at the gym and I like it. We’ve seen the same group of people everyday after work for almost two years! There’s a strange, comfortable feeling in that. The last day is the 16th & we’re on the hunt for a new gym :'(

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  4. Dylan came to visit! 
    Last Friday, eaaarly in the morning, a Navy guy walked into my apartment at 2:10 AM. Dylan was heeeeere! In Tallahassee! He’s been in Biloxi, Mississippi at an Air Force base learning all things weather. As we drove around town, he pointed out all kinds of weather information that I’m completely unaware of. He even called me a “non-weatherer” ;)We kinda used it as an excuse to do some Tally things we never really get around to. We explored through Railroad Square and finally got around to eating at Bird’s Aphrodisiac Oyster Shack. Uhhhh – not really seeing the hype here, folks. More than anything, it was just nice to be with family. Loafing around watching RedBullTV (didn’t know this existed?) aka dudes flying over various objects on various machines. Eating. Laughing. All the good stuff about being with family.

  5. Eurotrip is just 81 days away!
    YAAAAAAAH. We’ve nailed down most of the details and it’s actually starting to feel tangible. I’m going to Europe! Can I say that again? I’m…. going to EUROPE. 10 days starting in Copenhagen, Denmark then onto Paris, France & finally stopping in Stockholm, Sweden before we make a stop in Oslo and head back stateside.We’ve got most of the details hammered out – we’re staying at this hostel in Copenhagen, then moving onto Paris and found an adorable Airbnb in this neighborhood. For Copenhagen & Paris we’re going to be traveling with Dan and Alexis, but we part ways post-Paris. Kent and I are going onto Stockholm, Sweden while D&A adventure off to Brussels (I think?!).

    I can’t believe it’s so close :0! The day before my birthday, back in November, it was a yucky Sunday in Tallahassee when we saw a crazy deal on airfares & a couple hours later we booked a trip! AND NOW IT’S HERE

    More soon, xo!