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Sitting on the couch in a graveyard of Polly-O wrappers and La Croix cans. Kent has class Wednesday nights, so instead of going to the gym and being productive, I usually sit on the couch. Write this blog post. Eat cheese. Drink sparkly water.

One | Over the past week, I’ve learned that I hate Excel. By far the biggest and longest lie I’ve kept up in life is that I know how to use it. But, sometimes it’s good to be humbled and spend 30 minutes watching various YouTube tutorials on dumb stuff that you can figure out easier in Google Sheets.

Two | Valentine’s Day. I’m not a huge fan of it and don’t see much sentimental value in it, but it was a nice day either way. Mom always said it wasn’t meaningful to get flowers when it’s an obligation, and I couldn’t agree more. We went to breakfast (shocker), loafed around (shocker), walked Cascades, conquered Costco and watched X-Files (yes, shocking). In all, just another Sunday..  with chocolate and cards.

Three | I’m officially DONE with my latest quilt! Our friends are getting married in April and I made a quilt for them to use as their guestbook. It’s the first quilt I’ve successfully backed without a bunch of wrinkles, bound without huge discrepancies AND I finally changed my needle after a year – makes such a big difference.

Four | First major paper of grad school is under my belt. Fifteen pages on quality management was turned in last night and it felt so good to be done with it.

Five | EUROPE IS GETTING CLOSER. We got tickets for the Eiffel Tower, which is delightfully touristy and I’m so excited. We have a place to stay in Denmark and I’m between a few places for Stockholm. We’ve started mapping out our days & scout TripAdvisor for all the little things where we’re staying. I can’t believe it’s not that far away!!