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Hi! Happy Wednesday!

One. I cut six inches of hair off on Friday (bless) and I feel like a new person. Kent is happy because there are no longer foot long hairs lurking everywhere. The last time I had cut my hair was October 2014… :o

Two. This song! I can’t stop listening to it. Every week I look forward to my Spotify Discovery Weekly playlist and this week’s was full of gems. This one is my fav :3 Scroll down for a listen.

Three. The X-Files. What the hell, guys! Nobody ever clued me in. Long story short, I made a reservation to go camping on Saturday and it never happened. We needed a new show on Saturday night & tried the first episode of the X-Files and I’m totally hooked. Part of it is endearing because the mid-90’s technology is so darn funny. Faxes! I sent one for the first time last week and I had to enlist the help of not one, but TWO guys in the office. God bless email.

Four.  This picture! These girls. Last week, a woman I worked with told me that over the last 30 years she’s come to learn it’s not what you’re doing, but who you’re working with. I’m so grateful for this office of funny, open and forgiving girls I work with. & a shout out to Alvaro for taking this picture and being my life complaint sponge. Lucky, lucky, lucky.

Five. Internet Kate is getting out of control. I got a targeted ad on Twitter today for a FarmVille game but it’s all organic food you virtually harvest! SO I looked back at my recent tweets and 9/10 are angry about some sort of injustice in food or water. First, I put my tweets on private. But then I thought about how important it is to share those stories. Flint’s water crisis is absolutely DISGUSTING. I still can’t believe that it’s happening in America. I can’t believe it. Take a few minutes and read the water quality reports that your water utility puts out. You won’t believe the stuff in the water. Tallahassee’s report can be seen here. Double the amount of “recommended” fluoride and way more than is needed ;) Lead! Cyanide! VOCs! Ain’t nobody gonna do it for you, you have to inform yourself.

Okay, that’s it! Bye!