This blog will surely die if I don’t force myself carve out time to sit and write. Even if it’s five thoughts each Wednesday. Because, ya see, life is good! Tallahassee is chilly and work is challenging and school is inspiring. This blog has been such a nice capsule of my thoughts and experiences and I can’t let it turn into a documentary graveyard ;)

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 7.44.31 PM

ONE: I’m super into school. Right now I’m taking classes in project management and computer research. The computer research is almost a native thing – it’s a software class & growing up and working in tech makes this kinda simple. Project management though, I’m really liking. I could actually see myself getting PMP certified and eventually getting into Six Sigma training.

TWO: Vacation hangover is real y’all. I went to Orlando to surprise Sarah for her 20th birthday. We waltzed through Target, ate sushi, and I got to meet her beloved cat Ferguson. The next morning, my parents drove in to surprise her. We Mullens are cry babies, so we cried in the parking lot and hugged and then cried and THEN we went to IKEA. ’twas my Mom’s first time there… so we ended up spending THREE HOURS in the dang place. I’m now the owner of a new (unnecessary but whatev) duvet, glass jars and a wall hook that’s a dog butt. Success.

THREE: Kent and I are La Croix FIENDS. We’re drinking 24 cans in less than a week. We can blame this on our newfound love to Costco and all things bulk, but I would rather drink seltzer than regular water 10/10 times, so #burp.

FOUR: I have a new car! This isn’t exactly new news, but I haven’t updated dis in a lifetime. Just before Christmas, I was driving near Doak and a demolition truck sideswiped my lil Honda. She was too old to make it, so she’s in a better place now ;) I caught a ride south with a med student and a few days after Christmas, I bought a Prius! I was 90% freaking out about more debt and 10% excited. BUT having working speakers, a door handle, et cetera makes it pretty darn sweet. PLUS – it won’t let me lock my keys in the car. Not that I’ve tried.

FIVE: I went to the eye doctor today to get this weird bump on my eyeball checked out. Turns out it’s no big deal, but she told me my eyes are so dehydrated that I have an imprint of my contact on my eyeball (sweating emoji). SO she gave me these magical contacts to try out. They don’t itch, they don’t burn and they don’t move each time I blink. Happy Kate.