I had the apartment to myself this weekend, which meant DOCUMENTARY FREE FOR ALLLLLLLL. I watched a bunch. Rewatched a bunch. Ate only sushi and drank only La Croix. Did a bunch of work on the blanket I’m crocheting. We got an AppleTV for Christmas and it’s THE BEST. Blows the Roku out of the water.

So, over the weekend I watched: Pump, Cowspiracy, GMO OMG, Fed Up, First Comes Love, Truly Strange: The Secret Life of Breasts, Twice Born: Stories from the Special Delivery Unit, Food Matters, and a bunch of Inside Man.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve watched Making a Murderer (duh), Super Size Me, Bottled Life, A Genius Leaves the Hood, Dear Jack, Silenced, Three Stars, Famous Nathan, Printing the Legend and Chef’s Table.

Anyway – recently watched and loved documentaries on Netflix!



I talked about this here!



91 minutes. 2014. Available on Netflix Stream.

SO – this is one of my favorites yet. This documentary focuses on the impact of animal agriculture on the environment. Basically – the business of raising cattle for meat consumption is destroying the rainforests and the ozone faster than ANYTHING else. Faster than cars. Faster than logging for paper products. With a huge demand for meat – this is an enormous industry and an even bigger issue for our future.

This film was crowdfunded and met 217% of it’s goal with $117,092 raised! That’s impressive.  It features all kinds of interviews – Sierra Club, Oceana, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Sustainability Institute, Amazon Watch and many, many more. Definitely a good watch.



I talked about this here!


Fed Up

92 minutes. 2014. Available on Netflix Stream.
It’s no secret that our food system in America is in a bad place. This documentary focuses on the obesity/diabetes epidemic in the United States. Huge amounts of sugar is pushed upon the average consumer through processed foods, a point Fed Up blames for the growing health issues amongst the US’s population. Fed Up delves into the government approved food programs, school lunch programs and responsibilities of different departments. The lobbying power of the food industry is incredibly powerful and plays a huge role in our day to day eating habits – whether we realize it or not.

First Comes Love

2013. 105 minutes. Available on Netflix Stream.

Nina Davenport is in her 40s and not married. With her biological clock ticking, she decides to take the matter of having babies into her own hands. This documentary is about a woman having a baby on her own, regardless of the societal, familial and financial issues surrounding it. This was a really sweet watch and brings the idea of a conventional family into question. Nina creates her own tiny family, supported through pregnancy by her best friend Amy and fathered by her gay best friend, Eric.

Truly Strange: The Secret Life of Breasts

This was an episode from the Smithsonian Channel’s series Truly Strange. In modern culture, boobs serve as a sex symbol. At their most important function, they’re used to nurture life. This episode delves into boobs on every level – why are boobs today so much bigger than they used to be? Why is cancer so prevalent in breast tissue? Arguably the coolest part of the episode is when breastmilk and chemicals come into the same conversation – is formula a better option when we’re exposed to chemicals, heavy metals and other dangerous substances?


I’ll continue the list in another post. See my other fav Netflix documentaries here.