Just 29 days left in 2015. Time for a 101 in 1,001 update.

The list is getting thin and the more difficult tasks are what’s left. Namely, perfect attendance… Dean’s list… traveling… eating fresh food… Ya know.

35. Harvest my own vegetables

This was a fun one! Last year I planted a few different plants, zucchini, carrots, cucumber. Only my cucumbers were resilient enough to withstand my lack of attention and I ended up with two strong cucumber plants! They wrapped up around our porch fence and grew like CRAZY. I’ll definitely be replanting them this spring and making a huge batch of pickles come summer.

42. Visit a factory

This one happened forever ago, literally over two years ago and I’ve somehow managed to neglect it on every update. On our one year dating anniversary, we went to Baldwin Park in Orlando and did a chocolate class at Foster’s Chocolate Factory! Not the kind of factory you see on an episode of Unwrapped, but a factory nonetheless! We each made a pound of chocolate and ate it all that night :0

85. Go back to New York City

This one was on the list and I wasn’t sure it would happen. Because my aunt Tierney is an absolute angel, the seesters and I went in October. Read a recap on that trip here.