The Libs came to Tallahassee! Martin County’s band came up to watch the Marching Chiefs warm-up, attend the Chattanooga game, watch half-time and see the best parts of campus – all in one day. They hit the road about 4 AM & won’t get home until the wee hours of the morning tonight.

KB & I met Lib at the Civic Center and walked through campus to the baseball field, where the Chiefs warm up pre-game. Sarah and I both went to UCF & I think Lib is looking to do something different for college. She’s seen FIU, UNF, UCF, UF & Flagler but never set a foot on FSU’s campus. I’m hoping she fell in love and wants to come here, of course ;)


My earliest memories involve my sisters. There was a point in time where it was just me – but as long as I can remember, I’ve had sisters. Sarah and Libby are my best friends and I’ve felt sorry for people who didn’t grow up with siblings. My entire childhood was spent with two people I could count on at all times. Somewhere along the way I realized that not all siblings get along and I’ve come to understand how lucky I am to have a family like mine.


I may be the oldest sister, but I learn from both my younger sisters constantly. Sarah is so fiercely confident in her own being, she doesn’t waver in who she is or what she enjoys. She is calm, patient and wildly intelligent in ways I don’t fully understand. Libby exudes an innocent sweetness that I’m not sure I ever had. She is the most thoughtful, kind person that thinks of others more than she thinks of herself. I’m a lucky, lucky sister.

So excited to get home for Thanksgiving later this week. One test and one day of work is between me and being reunited with my whole fam & eating my momma’s green bean casserole.