The weekend is always so good to me. Kent gave me the Farmer’s Wife Quilt book for my birthday and I spent Friday night cutting fabric, sewing, picking apart and resewing. We played music and kept the door open to let the chilly air in. I made twelve blocks, but only ten are photo worthy – a work in progress and a lesson in patience.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 1.35.42 PM

Somewhere in all of this, my Dad called. Paris. The city that Kent and I had just decided to travel to while we were in Europe. The city that I pinned dozens of articles about. The beautiful city that is home and inspiration to so many. As I get older, I get softer. This world that we live in can be so harsh and cold. I can’t wrap my head around the people who are driven to do these kinds of things, people who are completely lost. Sunday morning I have to look away from the TV at breakfast becuase I feel the hot prick of tears behind my eyes. This article from the New York Times helps break the entire situation down.

What’s worse is the opinions of my 776 Facebook friends. I get so tired of opinions, filtered photos and posts that compare apples to oranges. Then I wrestle with the idea of whether or not I should engage – I’m a person of many many maaaany loud opinions but at what point is it beneficial and at what point is it pointless? At twenty three, I’m finally learning to shut my mouth.

Whether we’ll travel to Paris this summer is undecided. We haven’t talked about it and I imagine it’ll be something we revisit in a few months, as the situation unfolds.


On Saturday morning, we ate breakfast and I left to walk aisles of fabric. I left with seven different kinds and drove home with the windows down. It was homecoming weekend and my girl Chelsea came to town. We went to Madison and watched parents try to relive their glory days with Corona in one hand and the other waving off-beat.

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Sunday was the GRE! I made the rash decision three weeks ago to pick a date, study and let the cards fall where they may. It ended up being a great decision – it forced me to get my shit together and get the stinkin’ test over with. I sat for three hours, concentrated like I never have before, and got scores that exceeded what I needed to get into my program. RELIEF. Then I threw a fit and ran around like a mad woman because I just CAN’T sit still and think about one thing for hours on end.

Anyway, a weekend. A good weekend. We have small group tonight and we’re eatin’ southern breakfast for dinner. A week from now I’ll be mentally packing to go home for Thanksgiving… :)