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Twenty three! My birthday last year feels like it was yesterday and a million months ago. I’ve been 22 for 391 days but it feels like it’s been much, much longer. It’s been such a good year and looking back on it, I can say I’ve done some things I’m really proud of.

I’ve grown as a designer and a photographer. I’ve had the opportunity to travel – Puerto Rico, New York, Hilton Head, Kansas. We spent hours and hours with our families. I made my first quilt. We finally hung up our diplomas and started graduate school. Kent turned 24. I’ve watched some really great tv shows and read even better books. Shit, I even found myself in the bottom of a cave having a panic attack.

It has been such a good year.

More often than not, I am reminding myself to slow down. I am in constant pursuit of my next challenge, my next project, my next meal. Once one is done, I’m onto the next thing. It’s how my mind works and it’s easy to not slow down. It’s easy to miss little things and not appreciate things. But as I reflect on the past year, it has been good. It’s been great. It’s been hard, but more importantly, it’s been fun. Hoping 23 is as good as 22, and then some.