A couple months ago I got a text that was along the lines of: “Hi Kate, wanna come stay in our apartment with your sisters for the weekend?” It came from my aunt, Tierney, who is in the midst of a month-long trip through Asia with her husband, Jeff.Going back to NYC was on my 101 in 1,001 list and I figured it’d be one that I never crossed off.  Of course, we accepted, started Yelping a million restaurants and texting each other non-stop.

We went and it was the absolute best.

CP Sarah

We got in around 11-12 on a Friday afternoon, looped scarves around our necks and took off. The apartment was a quick walk to Central Park and we crunched through leaves and watched street performers on our walk to the west side. We talked to a fellow UCF student on a corner (weird!) and tracked down Momofuku for some cereal milk ice cream.

We ducked into thrift stores and stumbled onto the American Museum of Natural History. Since it’s donation based, we paid $5 for the three of us and took off into the maze of exhibits. We laid on the floor in the Hall of Minerals (my absolute favorite!!) when our feet hurt and we ate everything we could get our hands on.

We were dead, dead, dead on Friday night. Something about airports just sucks all the life out of you and leaves you craving couch time and pizza. So, that’s what we did. But not before a thorough examination of the upper east side, eating up the Anthropology wedding collections and ordering pork dumplings at Xian’s Famous Foods. THEN, we sat and ate a white pizza.



We woke up darn early for Rockefeller Center & the TODAY show on Saturday. But, you see, we’re Floridians and it was in the 40s. We were slow slow slow moving & caught the last thirty seconds of filming at Rockefeller and so we moved onto the next thing: bagels. We walked up and down the streets eating bagels and holding cups of hot coffee solely for the warmth.

We went to the top of the Empire State Building and made a couple friends along the way. We sorta drooled walking through a four story H&M :’). When lunch rolled around Sarah & I convinced Libby she needed to have pho. So, we did and Libby was not NEARLY as impressed as we were. At some point on Saturday we got comfy with the subway and used that exclusively for the rest of our trip.

That night, we ate at Beauty & Essex which was SOGOOD. SO SO SO GOOD. Tierney had left us with a OpenTable certificate and so we baaaaasically ordered everything on the menu. Grilled cheese dumplings with tomato soup, eggplant pizzetta, marinated salmon on toast with goat cheese, scallops over polenta, the essex burger, a peanut butter and fudge sundae, lobster tacos and lobster mac and cheese. In short, we were really full.

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 9.09.59 AM

We took to Bleeker Street after dinner and basically froze. It was in the high 30s and I was NOT used to that. We looked for records and walked through a market of independent vendors, which was neat but most importantly, warm.

Wait, did I mention we went to the American Girl Store? That was kindav a big deal and we maaaay have circled the block waiting for it to open on Saturday morning. St. Patrick’s Cathedral was nearby and that was a beautiful walk-through as well.

Sunday came and went the quickest of the days, mainly because my sisters were leaving me. We woke up early, took the Subway to The Plaza to visit Eloise. Along the way, we went into a restaurant to grab bagels and hot chocolate (still cold and windy y’all) and after a few minutes, we realized that it was a restaurant we’d eaten in eight years ago when our whole family was in town for Tierney’s wedding. It’s kinda imfamous in our family because a sassy, defiant Libby demanded a Sprite to drink when it was LITERALLY 30 degrees plus wind chill. She pranced around like she wasn’t cold and even took off her gloves. Showoff. ;)

We visited Eloise and walked around the park a bit. Honestly, it was so cold that we found a Starbucks with decent seating, ordered drinks and sat for an hour. It was freezing outside and we couldn’t get up the courage to face the cold. I think we popped into a comic store, hit Washington Square Park,
the Container Store and a few others on our way to the subway. Then it was 3 and they were off to the airport.

I stayed in town because I had a few meetings on Monday. I’ve always been on the fence about New York City as a place to live in and once my sisters left, it kinda lost all it’s pizazz for me. Too crowded, too dirty, too expensive. I walked down to the river, walked up and down blocks aimlessly for an hour or so, then I ordered in thai food and watched Food Network for the rest of the night. In a city of so many people, I felt lonely.

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 9.26.16 AM

Monday morning was STILL COLD. (It’s in the 80s in Florida now, in NOVEMBER!! I’d almost take the cold back.) I took the Subway to the general area I had to be in, but came to realize after I walked for half an hour that I’d mistyped the address into Google Maps. SO I had to grab a taxi to take me miles and miles away from where I was and because I’m compulsively early to everything, I had an hour to kill. I set up camp in a coffee shop, ate this weird peanut butter oatmeal/pudding thing and then got to my meeting 15 minutes early.

My meeting was so helpful. I’ve been toying with health communication for as long as I can remember and this really solidified my interest in the field. I left my meeting, hopped on the subway and spent my last bits of time in the city in a quilt store. Went back to the apartment, cleaned up, put on comfy clothes, packed my bag and took a cab to the airport.

All in all, one of my favorite trips. I love the city in doses and I could maybe live there for a year or so. I was happy to come back to Tally, little traffic and waaaaarm weather. ’til next time, city!