Netflix is killin’ the documentary game lately. A few recently loved documentaries that are streaming on Netflix in 3..2..1..

The Human Experiment

If You Love: Knowing what you put in your body.
2013. NR. 1 hr 32 min.

The Human Experiment talks about the pressing need to switch to safer chemicals in our homes, i.e. laundry detergent, antibacterial agents, safe plastic food containers.

The market has demanded water bottles without BPA, but the hormone-mimicking chemical is in lots of other day-to-day objects: receipts, canned foods and food containers. These items, in addition to cosmetics, perfumes, household cleaners can impact your fertilitythyroid, and increase your chances of cancer.

The Human Experiment lays it all out in an easy to understand format, told by people who were impacted personally by the chemicals.

Pandora’s Promise

If You Love: Seeing something from a different point of view.

Personally, I’ve never done any research about nuclear energy. I’ve always assumed it was dangerous. The news coverage and videos about Chernobyl and Fukushima burned that into my thoughts. Pandora’s Promise counters the common beliefs on nuclear power and advocates for acceptance of the clean energy, which has the second lowest mortality rate for energy, behind wind generated power.

Advanced Style

If You Love: Sassy older women who put your wardrobe to shame.
2014. NR. 1 hr 12 min.

Advanced Style, a blog ran by photographer Ari Seth Cohen, brings attention to women in their 70s, 80s and 90s with incredible style. His overwhelming success spurred on a documentary that follows (four) women with incredible style. The documentary challenges conventional beauty ideals A colorful, witty and uplifting watch that will inspire dragging your fancy pants out of hiding.

Remote Area Medical

If You Love: Being reminded of how blessed you are.
2013. NR. 1 hr 20 min.

Remote Area Medical is an organization that provides medical services to underserved communities at no cost. Their mission, to prevent pain and alleviate suffering, is beautifully shown in the self-titled healthcare documentary.

The 1.5 hour documentary shows a 3 day pop-up clinic in Bristol, Tenn., which brought out hundreds of people who waited for days ahead of time to ensure medical attention. Many of these people hadn’t been to the doctor in decades and suffered from decaying and infected teeth; untreated blood pressure and diabetes; and a myriad of other issues that can’t haven’t been addressed.

Happy Valley

If You Love: Well, there’s nothing really lovable about this one.

Unless you live under a rock, you remember the harrowing news coverage on the Jerry Sandusky trial. Happy Valley delves into the town desperately trying to recover from Penn State’s troubles. Sandusky’s adopted son, a victim of Sandusky, walks viewers through life in the Sandusky home, family dynamics and life in Happy Valley.