Today marks one year in Tallahassee! Time flies. Somewhere in the universe, someone caught up on their paperwork and realized our year was coming to a close and there was no sickness. No coughs, runny noses, nada.

So, the universe did it’s work and on Tuesday night Kent started feeling icky. That icky progressed into a burning fever and five days later, the plague is still going strong. After he coughed up black junk, I hauled his booty to the doctor. Pneumonia! Compressed lung tissue! Abnormal blood work! Nothing some antibiotics, macaroni and cheese diet and three seasons of Sons of Anarchy couldn’t fix. Hoping tomorrow is a new day for my sick boy.

But WHOA. I have been in Tallahassee for a year! Right about now, we were sitting in Midtown Caboose and I was digging into a burger with goat cheese. Brb, mouth is watering. I started my job at FSU a handful of days later. When I got here, Kent had his TV on top of the box his microwave came in. It was not an enchanting view to arrive to, but it’s come a long way since then ;)

Anyways, we couch surfed reaaaal hard this weekend. Side note: Kent really thought we didn’t need a couch. Guy thought we could sit on the floor/bed forever. Men. But, it was a good weekend. Kent hacked up his lungs and I disinfected everything in our shoebox 6 times over. I had the crafting itch, poked HUNDREDS of holes in canvases to cross stitch on. When I realized it wasn’t up to my OCD standards, I ended up painting it for the tenth time. Happy weekend, y’all.

Super sick boy, lower left. Closest thing to a pet in my life, center. #wantaweiniedog

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