Oooh I love the Fourth of July! Nothing comes before Christmas or Thanksgiving… or Halloween… but the 4th comes in a solid 4th for my favorite holidays. Earlier this summer, a bunch of my family made plans to meet up in Hilton Head, South Carolina for a get togetha around the beginning of July. We met up with everyone from July 5-8 and now that we’re back in Tally, I can safely say it was one of the funnest weekends we’ve had.

Kent and I went up on the 4th to Amelia Island, just north of Jax, to meet up with my parents & seesters. Despite being a Floridian all my life, we’d never made the trip up to Amelia Island and it was darn cute up there. We walked through the downtown area with the breeze at our backs and popped into pajama stores, toy stores, book stores and the occasional ice cream shop :). When the rain came later in the afternoon, we sat on the patio of a restaurant with a bunch of boaters and watched the lightning dance and sat in rocking chairs. Mostly, I was just happy to be with my fambam. But also kinda happy that Lib & I found some pretty legit Tory knockoff sandals for $20 ;)

Anyway, we spent the night in south Georgia & hit the road to Hilton Head briiiiight and early. Three hours and we were in South Carolina. Side note – am I the only one who didn’t know that the 95 exits reset with every state? I was waiting for exit numbers to increase and we magically hit Exit 1 in Georgia. Inexperienced highway driver, I guess. Now is probably a good time to mention that I locked my keys in my car during fireworks one night. Kent took the opportunity to remind me that I keep things “interesting”.

Now for a spoiler alert, Hilton Head is BEAUTIFUL. I’m talkin’ green trees for days and magical beaches that go on forever with the good kinda sand that doesn’t scorch your bare feet. My aunt & uncle, Tracey and Ed, bought and renovated a house inside Palmetto Dunes on the island. They’re down for the week and orchestrated everyone coming together for a couple days. My cousin Lizzie and her husband Greg came, as well as my uncle Scott, aunt Jen and my cousin Will.


We stayed at the Omni Resort on Hilton Head and spent the vast majority of our time there, laying in the sun or biking the area. The resort was straight out of Southern Living and was right next to a Kroger, which I’m now realizing is the mecca of all grocery stores. Sorry, Publix. The only issue we had was the pools – we’re too big for the shallow kid pools and too loud and obnoxious for the adult pool. So we spent a good deal of our time getting sassafras looks from older ladies over their crime novels. #whatevz.


The resort is right on the beach and inside the same development area as Tracey’s house, so we were all together and took the opportunity to steal borrow some bikes to scout out the incredible homes in the neighborhoods. We watched the sunrise on the beach in the morning and at nigh we roasted s’mores at the fire pits scattered across the property. Also – key lime pina colada. THE best drink I’ve ever had, so so so good.

I posted a bunch of photos of the food we ate on Yelp. We ate at The Porch one night and went a little insane with the fried food – fried mac and cheese balls, fried green tomatoes, hush puppies, fried pimento cheese. For the record, I packed salad for lunch at work tomorrow.


At the end of the day, it’s so hard to leave my fam. I’ll be down in the beginning of August for Dave Matthews (!!!) so it cut the sour taste, but still sad to head back to Tally.