Growing up, I didn’t read Harry Potter. Might have seen one or two of the movies at some point. Cracked open the first book in elementary school, maybe? I don’t really remember. I’ve tromped through Harry Potter World at Islands of Adventure a handful of times and found it charming, but not enough to get me into reading the books.

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When I made my 101 in 1,001 list, I randomly put “read the Harry Potter series” on there. Why? Who knows. I was struggling to come up with a list of 101 things I wanted to do, much less in 1,001 days. I made that list in 2013 and it took me until May 2015 to start the task. I was scrolling through Amazon, adding books to my Wish List. I saw a paperback version of The Sorcerer’s Stone was $3.99, so I ordered it. Came in two days later and I finished it in one sitting.

Suddenly, Prime wasn’t fast enough. I had to read the second book now. Like right now. I found PDF versions and devoured them. I came home from work, opened my laptop and didn’t stop until my battery died, my stomach growled or my laptop seared big red marks on my stomach. I guess I caught the Harry Potter fever that everyone had caught almost a decade ago.

I read the Order of the Phoenix by the pool and finished The Half Blood Prince in a hammock in Puerto Rico. I think reading the books as an adult let my imagination wander back to a younger, exciting place. Goblet of Fire was my favorite but tied with Order of the Phoenix, I think the personal storylines you get in Phoenix are the best. I finished the series in five weeks.

I know it’s corny but I was honestly heartbroken when I shut the cover of The Deathly Hallows. I was totally sucked into this imaginary world and it’s characters. Kent and I watched the movies in a weeks time, I loved those just as much. Kent probably didn’t love “oh, well it wasn’t like that in the books” over and over.. but it softened my fall back into reality, I guess.

Anyway, probably some of my favorite books I’ve read. I cried and I laughed and I basically ignored Kent everyday after work for five weeks – that warrants a blog post, eh? :)