This blog post brought to you because I couldn’t articulate what I wanted to say in 140 characters. So, neglected blog it is! Life is so so great lately, Kent and I were talking this morning in the grocery store about how high school was good, but college was better and where we’re at now blows the top off everything thus far. If this is the way the rest of life goes, I have no problem turning 30, 40, 60, whateva.

Kent just passed his year anniversary at DJJ and I’m coming up on one year with Florida State. Tallahassee has been such a blessing and I grow to like it more the longer we’re here. We resigned to the studio apartment and have zero regrets. I accidentally searched “studio apartment” on Pinterest today and consequently spent the next four hours rearranging the house while Kent asked “what’s wrong with the way it is?” a million times.

I’ll be updating the 2015 List post shortly and my 101 in 1,001 definitely has some updates coming as well. Shit, we went to Puerto Rico for a week and I haven’t blogged about it! I’M LOOSING MY TOUCH! Lately, I’m watching a lot of Planet Earth and finding my way back into yoga practice. I’ve been doing this butt workout for the last 3 months and seriously can’t say enough good things, it hurts the first week or so but the results are incredible.

This weekend we’ll meet my family in Hilton Head, SC for a little 4th of July celebrating and long weekend. Bought tickets for Dave Matthews in August and Slide the City is coming up shortly, too. Saw that Walk the Moon is coming to FSU in October and I’m gonna have to hop on that, too.

Really into chick peas lately, roasted some last night and made falafel today. Continually finding myself disliking meat and finding different ways to supplement my protein needs. Being intentional with my daily values, trying to watch my sugar and keep a lighter hand with my salt. But man, I love salt. I made blueberry and chocolate chip pancakes this morning and put a little salt on mine… it just makes everything better, ok??!?

Kent insisted we buy orange vanilla seltzer water the other night at Earthfare and while he immediately regretted it, it’s sorta growing on me? But at the same time, it’s disgusting. I’m sitting here drinking one, so I don’t know what to tell you.

Friday was the SCOTUS ruling that the ban on gay marriage was unconstitutional. I spent a good part of my day crying at my desk over emotional Buzzfeed articles and then kept the trend up each time I read something mildly sentimental this weekend.

Anyway! I’m feelin’ the blogging mojo and I might just stock up a few posts for the rest of the week. Maybe.