Pump, a documentary about America’s dependency on oil, is hella good. Crank up Netflix and delve into a documentary instead of zombies, wedding dresses or whatever else normally tickles your fancy.

Ah, America! We love hot dogs, cold beer, patriotism and … oil? America’s love affair with oil and fossil fuels goes back to John D. Rockefeller and his dogged determination to make oil and essential part of day to day life. Spoiler alert: it worked. Oil is in everything. The cup you’re drinking out of. The fleece sweater that keeps you warm. It fueled your car today and lubricated all the machinery inside.

So, it’s in everything and there isn’t an infinite amount. That sounds like a recipe for disaster, no? We’re growing increasingly panicked over the amount of oil available. Instead of turning to alternatives, and there are plenty of them, we’re turning to destructive methods like fracking.

You can run cars on CO2 and oxygen. You can make methanol out of virtually ANYTHING and run a car on that. Turn prickly pear cactus into ethanol and create a cleaner, cheaper and virtually infinite source of fuel. The options are there – why aren’t they being used?

Well, ladies and gentlemen, that’s exactly what Pump talks about. Alternative fuels, sustainability for America, the insane smog in California. I especially liked the part where they showed a Chinese family bidding for a license plate, willing to pay $13,500 just for a license plate! The oil love affair is everywhere and we are responsible for finding a solution.