The best thing in life is family. The longer I’m away from mine, the more I realize the importance of everyday happenings. My Mom & sister went to Target at the crack of dawn on Sunday morning for the release of the Lilly Pulitzer for Target stuff. I got texts with clothes and long lines and I wished I could have been there.

I spent the weekend with my seeeester SB in Orlando and it was the best. I came into town on Friday early evening and we ate burgers smothered in mushrooms and cheese, then waltzed through Target and debated the importance of a curling iron between 1″ and 3/4″. Nothing in the great wide world like being around your family.

Now, a visual storytelling of the weekend. Starting of course with caffeine. I don’t own a coffee machine, Kent gets caffeine headaches and I need to restrain myself from mainlining caffeine in all forms. So, maybe once or twice a week I’ll make the walk to Dunkin from my office and drink an iced, black coffee. Vespr in Orlando is actually the greatest coffee I’ve ever ingested and I’ve had a decent amount of coffee beans! Their lavender syrup is homemade and heavenly. I told myself if I woke up early for my ride back, I could get a lavender latte. I got on the road by 9 ;)



Ugh we ate so much food. So, so much food. We hit up Burger21 for cheeeeesy mushroom burgers and skinny fries. Disney chicken nuggets with ketchup and mayonnaise dipping sauce. Lo mein noodles with chicken. Big bowls of wonton soup and little bites of sushi. Big, chewy bagels smothered in cream cheese. Passionfruit italian ice layered with vanilla ice cream. 

My blue-eyed super cute seeeeester. We looped around Relay for Life and ducked into Starbucks when it rained. Walked up and down and allll around campus. I couldn’t believe how much things have changed, new boutiques where it was GameStop and buildings erected where there was nothing just a year ago.   

We went to Disney! Disney is one of my favorite places to be and Sarah admitted she wouldn’t want to leave Florida because it’d be so hard to get to Disney. #truelifeIreallyloveDisney. We parked at Downtown Disney and took a beeeautiful breezy boat ride to Port Orleans Riverside. The sun was out and we went down waterslides and played catch with little kids in the pool. Ate overpriced chicken nuggets. Eavesdropped on families from New Hampshire. Wondered how on EARTH families spend (or afford) 6 days in Disney. Oof. 


Anyways, that was our weekend. It was a good one. A couple times we talked about how we wished the whole fambam was there. If not mom and dad, at least Libz. Her absolute obsession and zeal for Disney kinda elevates the whole thing, ya know? I won’t lie, coming back after a long drive, eating out and sleeping on a dorm mattress – coming home to Kent is the best. A walk through Sam’s Club feels like a luxury when you’re doing it with someone you really love. ’til next time y’all :*