Things are swell in Tallahassee, if you ignore the little mountains of pollen that collect in parking lots and cover my car. We took a little break from Tally a couple weeks ago and took off a few days to visit Palm City. In the week(end)s after that, we celebrated Easter with some of our friends from the gym. Michael’s had the sale of the season and I decided it was time to try painting – oof.

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Seeeeeesters. The dress I’m wearing was a STEAL from Forever21 for $12 and actually went past mid-thigh. Put that baby in the washing machine and it shrunk like mad. Not even the dryer! Still wore it to work today and gave it a little tug every time I walked down the hall.

ANYWAYS – I love my sisters so very, very much. I had never been in the situation where it was just one of them home when I visited, until this trip. I was always visiting from college, both of them still living at home. Now, with SB at UCF… it’s not guaranteed that both of them will be home when I visit. She came home for the weekend and left Monday morning. It just isn’t the same without the three of us together, ya know? Like the three of us together unlocks this super comfortable, I-know-I’m-home feeling. Shout out to Libz though, she is rockin’ the only child situation pretty well. Little brat sent me a Snapchat of her getting a pedicure. On a Monday.

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Ze sale of the century at Michael’s! Paint for .33 cents! I snapped up three canvases for the price of one! I waltzed down aisles of 60% off baskets and didn’t buy a single one! These hodge-podge cluster-blobs were born on a rainy Saturday and I’ve painted them white a couple times, just to repaint them. I’m a big fan of Michelle de Armas, who makes hodge-podge cluster-blogs look INCREDIBLE. Check out some of her b-b-b-b-beautiful stuff here.

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PLANTS! In the Fall, I planted a couple zucchini seeds, a handful of basil, and some carrots? Maybe? I’ll never know, they all died :'( My black thumb isn’t permanent, as my cucumber seeds (left) and my flowers (right) are growing! Did anyone catch that my sister made a feet lovers Instagram account to mock all the pictures I post with my feet in them? Well… she did and someone commented in genuine concern. Once I told her it was my creepy little sister, I’m sure she didn’t feel any better.



Last night, walkin’ around the park. Springtime doesn’t really exist in South Florida, it goes from not-so-hot (winter?) to blistering, sweat-walking-to-the-mailbox heat (summer!). But it’s really nice up here! Last night was mid-70s and breezy, Kent and I did a few laps around the park and could have gone for a couple more.

Another Monday in the books, y’all.