IT’S APRIL. I can’t believe Kent is coming up on a year in his job and I’ve been with Florida State for NINE months! Time is flying.

An update to my bucket list, 101 in 1,001, is in order! I’ve finished a handful of my tasks:

Try venison – when Kent’s family visited Tallahassee after New Year’s, we had venison burgers and venison chili at Ted’s Montana Grill. Honestly, I wouldn’t have known the difference!

Make pickles – I’ve made pickles, pickled carrots, cauliflower, onions and radishes! I loved them all, besides the radishes… they were awful.

Wait.. Using mason jars for their intended purpose!? 😶 #picklin

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Make a quilt – I’ve made TWO! They’re both a little rough, but the second one was a world better than the first.

First quilt:

First quilt ✔️

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Second quilt:

Quilt! Quilt! Quilt!!!

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Buy my parents an Apple computer – This was on the list and I wasn’t sure it’d ever happen. Earlier this year, I found a used iMac for a great deal and surprised my parents with it when I visited in March. Such a nice feeling to give back to the people who have done everything for you.