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It’s been almost seven months since I wrote an update on my pre-24 bucket list, 101 in 1,001. If you’ve taken a peek at the list, you know it’s got challenges like growing an herb garden and adventures such as traveling to new places.

Here’s what I’ve been able to cross off the list lately:

4. Blog continuously for two years. 
This was completed in August ’14. Hard to believe I’ve been plugging my thoughts into a blog for over two years now, I sometimes click back to old posts and it’s funny how reading my own words can remind me of exactly how I felt.

13. Grow an herb garden
Sorta fudging this one, but I somehow managed to grow a basil plant from seeds and it lasted until the fateful night Tallahassee dropped to 28 and I forgot to bring the little guy inside. Not sure that constitutes as a “garden” but I have big plans for the spring!

15. Be financially independent
I’ve sorta been financially independent all through college, I took out loans to cover anything that my scholarships and grants didn’t. I was always proud of the fact that I put myself through college without help from my parents, but they still bought me groceries when they visited, paid for my cell phone, etc. Since I’ve been in Tallahassee, everything has been on my own – which is a really, really good feeling. The few things that are in my parents name, like my cell phone and car insurance, I pay for monthly.

17. Spend more time relaxing
I’ve come to accept that my mind never shuts off. I lay in bed and think about tomorrow’s tasks, the dishes that need to be thrown in the dishwasher and whether or not I’ll find decent parking in the morning. There are a few things that force me to shut my mind off, namely spin class and cross stitching. I’ve found that more demanding and complicated patterns for stitching demand all of my attention, which is a savior after a really long day. On the same note, I’ve found at work that I have to close my email sometimes because I constantly jump from task to task without finishing one. This ones a work in progress, but I’ve definitely spent more time on myself.

51. Live in the same city as my boyfran
I’ll one up ya, we live together.

60. Try rock climbing
It’s as if I already knew how this was going to go when I wrote this task – “try” rock climbing. My friend Rubin needed someone to climb while he tested to be a certified belayer. I couldn’t climb high enough for him to use me as a test subject though, poor guy. It’s harder than it looks!!

71. Hold all the positions in a yoga class

79. Consistently work out for six months
Not without serious effort, though. I really don’t enjoy the gym, but I stuck with it long enough to pull a 120 lb. deadlift and squat 90 lb. Lately, I’m more into spinning, yoga and running.

86. Make homemade soup
I make a lot of soup. My favorite is sausage lentil soup and the worst one has been dill pickle soup.

96. Purge old notebooks, papers, etc. 
When Kent and I moved into our shoebox studio, this was inevitable.