Oh, Netflix! My tried and true friend who is always there for me. Never complains, only occasionally asks me if I’m still watching. I am – more documentaries of course. A few more for your viewing pleasure:

The Dark Matter of Love (NR, 2012)

This crazy adventurous family decides to add to their family of 3 – with three Russian orphans. The documentary shows the adoption in Russia, showing what orphanage conditions are like and their effects on children. Mostly, it follows the acclimation of the adopted kids into the new family and is analyzed by two adoption counselors. It’s a really heartwarming watch on an unusual topic.
1 hour 32 minutes | Netflix rating: 4.1 stars

Playground (NR, 2009)

Playground first started with investigation of child sex trafficking in southeast Asia. It was through this that the filmmaker realized it’s also a thriving trade in the United States. Without employing cheap shock-value ploys, it’s a well-rounded look at child prostitution and remedies to the problem. While it’s not for those who can’t sit through Dateline, it’s an important message of the dangers that lurk in virtually every neighborhood in America.
1 hour 19 minutes | Netflix rating: 3.4 stars.


Breastmilk (NR, 2014)

Don’t bother if you don’t wanna see nipples. Now that that is out of the way – breastfeeding is a topic of contention amongst the public lately. Breastfeed in public! Don’t you dare feed you baby in public! Shame the mother who doesn’t or can’t breastfeed! You’re doing your kid a grave injustice! ANYWAYS. This one is good for background watching, it shows different mothers who have success, trouble and opt-out of breastfeeding. Informative but probably won’t keep your eyes glued to the set.
1 hour 31 minutes | Netflix rating: 3.2 stars.


Magic Camp (NR, 2012)

This documentary goes inside the most prestigious magic camp in the world and follows the kids who attend. Plot twist: there are plenty of endearingly dorky pre-pubescent boys. I really enjoyed this one, but had a few problems with it. There’s a seriously disappointing instance of misogyny against one of the few girls at the camp. I think the film focuses too much on a successful magician at camp who has chosen to drop out of high school “because it’s cool.”  Otherwise, the camp portrays a magical, Hogwarts-like camp that gave me new interest and support for magicians and illusionists.
1 hour 25 minutes | Netflix rating: 3.2 stars.