If I was one of those people who used Facebook’s life events feature, 2014 would have warranted quite a few posts.

I type this in an apartment in Tallahassee, but a year ago today I was in Orlando. I was starting my final full semester of college as an undergrad. I was starting a new internship at a magazine. I had just bought my first car and truly drove on the highway for the first time at 21 (late bloomer?). I had no idea what I was doing post-graduation, no idea where I was moving when my lease was up, no idea what I was going to do about student loans.

It all worked out, though. I found a job and moved to a new city. There were other not as fun adult experiences along the way, like my radiator blowing on the side of the road with 11% battery and no phone charger. I watched my baby sister go to her first prom & my other sister go to her final prom, then graduate high school. Kent was ending arguably his hardest year yet, with the second half of 2014 on the rise.

I took my Dad to a Dave Matthews concert and got to spend so much time with my family. I got a credit card and figured out my credit score. I cried during every episode of Parenthood. I moved in with a person who I love from my toes to my nose. I’ve become a better writer, sister, daughter and friend.

Cheers to 2014 & that 2015 will be bigger, brighter & even more fun.