For the month of December (if I last that long?!) I’m embarking on a no bread-potatoes-pasta-rice-etc diet until further notice. It’s not so much about my body or my weight, but about my eating habits. I’m the kind of person who can live on bagels, pasta, and various forms of cheese. By swearing off carbs, I’m forcing myself to change eating habits I’ve had for as long as I can remember. So, starting December 1st and avoiding the staple, white carbs:

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 12.21.30 PM

December 1st: 
I’m realizing that there’s nothing to eat in my house…. unless it’s a carb. Made Kent rigatoni & meatballs to bring for lunch and I had… salad. I was feeling especially good and dressed my greens with lemon juice and evoo. PSA: You need real dressing, it just isn’t the same. Instead of gnawing my arm off, I had a huge spoonful of peanut butter before the gym. Beef stir fry for dinner.

I’m actually surprised how much I think about carbs and how much they account for my day to day eating.

December 2nd: 

I’M HUNGRY. Apple & peanut butter for breakfast. Beef stir fry and miso soup for lunch… which I ate at 11 AM. So, it’s mid-day and I’m v hungry. I ended up going home and eating a fist full of peanut butter again, a couple pieces of turkey and went off to ze gym. Ran to a poetry reading right after and had black beans, (non-GMO) corn, & avocado when I got home. Still. Want. Bread.

December 3rd: 

Ran outta the house in a flurry this morning, so I had chicken nuggets for breakfast at 11 AM. Breaded…. but not bread. Desperate times call for desperate measures, y’all. Ate at Suwannee Room for lunch with my boss & the girls I work with, had a big ole’ bowl of brocolli cheddar and a salad. Mid-afternoon and not hungry yet – haaaaallelujuah.

December 5th: 

The longer I go without eating carbs, the more I am forced to eat more nutritionally dense foods. As much as I joke about missing pizza, the last five days have forced some nutritional responsibility. Now…. I had some pasta for dinner. Kent and I had plans to go out, but I ended up crock potting some chicken and onions at the last minute. After a squat day at the gym – I was hungry. So, I had a chicken breast and half a cup of pasta.

Did I break my promise, yes. But honestly, the bloated yucky feeling after I ate the pasta reminded me how good I’ve felt this week. It really won’t be hard to ignore the carbs as long as I’m eating enough dense foods at each meal.

December 7th: 

My spirit has been completely broken – I made a quiche. I really don’t like eggs – the texture, the smell, all of it. The lack of carbs have forced me into trying other stuff… I can’t live on grilled cheese on the weekend anymore. I ate black beans with hot sauce and shredded cheese for lunch yesterday and an open faced burger for dinner. Broccoli cheddar quiche is in the oven and then Kent and I are off to the shooting range. Happy Sunday, y’all

December 9th: 

Finals week at FSU and there were literally ten boxes of donuts lined up in the Honors Building this morning. I swear it didn’t even cross my mind until I had polished it off. Really! Then… there was free pizza around lunchtime. Points for me, I abstained from Papa John’s and their disgustingly addictive garlic sauce. Black beans with hot sauce & cheese for lunch the last few days, crock pot chicken, onions & peppers tonight. The main thing I notice is my face is less bloated and my feet. Oddly enough.. my feet which are usually puffy lil pancakes, are looking kinda skinny. I mean, I’ll take it?!

December 16th:

Updating isn’t my strong suit, is it? The carbless thing has really become a part of daily life. I’ve lost 5 pounds, which I’m assuming is all bloat. I’ve made food ahead, which makes mornings easier. I made quiche this weekend without pie crust, pop it under the broiler in the morning and breakfast is ready in 7 minutes. Kent made a huge pot of chili on Sunday, an easy and automatic lunch. I get full much quicker and don’t get the food coma, sick feeling anymore.