Ah, another birthday essay! Just re-read my KATE AT ALMOST TWENTY ONE post from a year ago… how things have changed. When I typed that post out, I had plans on for my 21st – a saturday night. The night before, after a birthday dinner and while watching a movie, Kent got a call that his Dad had a heart attack.

How quickly things can change.

Now, it’s 365(ish) days later and my life is so different! A year ago, I worked part-time as a cashier at a cafe and slept on a plastic covered mattress. I was scared about graduation. Excited about graduation. Totally uncertain about what my life would be in three.. six.. nine months from then.

Spoiler alert, it has been the best year yet.

I went from a miserable part-time job to a real, salaried, full benefit job. I moved into a happy, little apartment that I pay for completely on my own. My student loans don’t give me stress. I moved to a new city that I really, truly like. I wake up every morning and go to a job I love. I’m living with my best friend who is growing and learning in our new life here.

I’m starting GRADUATE SCHOOL. Lemme repeat that. GRADUATE SCHOOL. I never thought I’d go past my Bachelor’s  because of my mountain of loan debt. Truly, I can’t believe that I’m being afforded the opportunities I am… It’s really been a blessed year.

Here’s to 22 bein’ just as wonderful.