TimeHop is up there with my top 5 favorite apps. Trailing behind the TripleTown, fart noise app, Spotify… the usual. In my time hop yesterday was a couple photos from a year ago; a day when Kent was visiting in me in Orlando. We were laying in bed while he scrolled through instagram and I saw a girl had posted a stitched bat with “bite me” underneath. Not in a cutesy halloween way, but a “I’m trendy and love bats and stuff” kind of way. That’s besides the point – the point being that I liked it.

This led to a string of google searches, an Etsy purchase, and shortly after, I demanded Kent take me to Joann’s. (Mind you, these are the days of no transportation por moi). This story could quickly segway into a Kent appreciation story – he took me to Joann’s to buy stitching supplies, then wandered IKEA with me for hours and ate plates of meatballs. The TimeHop¬†picture was before and after my feast of swedish meatballs, btw.

In honor of my year anniversary of cross stitching: a collection of everything I’ve stitched in the last year. It’s honestly my faaaavorite hobby and I currently have four unfinished/in-progress projects laying on the couch. Kent has grown accustomed to feeling around for needles before sitting next to me in bed or on the couch. Such is life when your habits are so dangerous ;)

I get asked allll da time, my two favorite places to get patterns from are Satsuma Street on Etsy & Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery.

Without further adieu – #katedoesxstitch


Oh lawd – this is embarassing. I didn’t realize that you separated the floss into strands, using 2 instead of the 6 that make up a piece of floss. So – this is a reaaallly crammed lil elephant that is not properly counted/stitched. Mom has this hanging in her bedroom and refuses to acknowledge how crap it is.


So0o0 much better. My first Satsuma Street pattern, who is my absolute favorite pattern-maker by far. Find her Etsy here.


lil weiner stitchin’ for my dachshund obsessed boyfriend.


Another beauuuutiful Satsuma Street pattern.



Momma’s birthday present last year! Took FOREVER to do and you can see my spacing totally failed and I had to improvise in a couple places, but she cried when she got it in the mail. Do all Moms cry over things like this?


Originally stitched this for Kent’s office, he saw it on a business’ board when he was driving home from a really rough job hunting weekend and it’s stuck with us ever since. Howeeever – I liked how it came out and it’s in the living room now :3


Another headache inducing stitch, but my favorite so far.


San Francisco pattern from Satsuma Street. Took me three weeks to get this guy done but I love how this one came out.

IMG_6940 IMG_0256

The current work-in-progress is London from Satsuma Street and Halloween Sampler from Frosted Pumpkin (which I’m too lazy to take out of it’s hoop).

That’s all folks! xo.