Alternative title for this post: The time I went ziplining. The time I ate shit ziplining. The time I went to the Tallahassee Museum. Take your pick.

All snark aside, the Tallahassee Museum was an awesome day date. Game days around here kinda limit where we drive, going anywhere near the campus can get a little dicey… especially because Kent does naht do well in traffic.
We woke up Saturday and the weather was overcast and lingering in the 70s (YES. 70s!) so we made the twenty minute ride out to the Tallahassee Museum. We signed up for the intermediate tree course and opted for the museum admission, too. For one person, it ended up being around $30.


You’re… sorta high up. You go through an intro course of how to use your safety lines, harness and the ziplines. In conjunction with signing the waiver, this part took about 20 minutes. Once you’re cleared to go, you climb up a ladder and you’re on your own! (sorta – there’s an employee who walks around with you). Side note: I ate shit during the intro training course.. not up in the trees!


It’s a little scary at times! Kent was much more adventurous than I was, so I made him go behind me. That way he couldn’t zip through the course and leave me clinging to a tree.


The majority of the course are these between-tree obstacle courses. On the intermediate route we went on two ziplines and ended up taking an hour(ish?). Once we finished, we decided we’re 10000% coming back and doing the advanced course. The advanced course is the intermediate + a couple more miles of course. When we walked through the museum, we watched two boys go over the swamps, over exhibits, it was really neat!

other junk worth mentioning:

my office! shout out to washi tape & FedEx printing for making all of this cost me $25-30 bucks. IMG_9849.JPG



the newest project: college t-shirt quilt!


dis burger from Midtown Caboose ;p


au revoir readerz, I shall update you on my craftscapades soon. xoxo