A monday night that feels like a Sunday night can only mean one thing. 4 day work weeeeek! Kent and I hopped down south to Palm City for the long weekend and we’re finally back in Tallahassee, groceries restocked & in ultimate lazy mode. Before I launch into my photo bomb, one important note: I made zoodles for the first time tonight and they were KILLER. Way faster than making pasta. Kent and I both agreed we couldn’t really tell a difference between the zoodles and real pasta. Definitely going to be a repeat on the weekly list.

Now! Photos! Tierney and Jeff were down from Manhattan, Kent’s aunt & uncle Deb & Stanley were down from Tampa, his uncle Mark from Colorado… it was a zoo. My parents hadn’t met Kent’s parents except in passing until this weekend. We all convened at Kent & Nanny’s house (Kent in this instance is Kent’s Dad… Kent) (Confusing. I know.) and we all had a graaaand ole’ time.

IMG_5988 IMG_5989 IMG_5990


Had to get Kent with all da family members. As per usual. However, the best part of this weekend was seeing my sisters. I love those two turds more than life itself & it had been TWO MONTHS since I’d seen Libby. TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE.

IMG_5962 IMG_5981 IMG_5898


We spent early day Sunday on the beach with Tierney & Jeff during high tide. Lib and I ventured in, only to have our asses kicked by the surf. Definitely swallowed more sea water than I should have :o

Totally blessed to have three awesome families who can all get together and have an awesome time. Aside from the million “wait, you’re really sisters? Not adopted?” jokes – it was a darn good time ;) Thanks for a good one, Palm City.