September is almost here! It’s still a sweltering 90-something in Tallahassee – but I’m dreaming of Fall. More specifically, pumpkin things, scarves and chilly weather! I’m excited to see FSU covered in autumn leaves and a true “season change” :)

I’m blogging from a lecture on Ontology that I’m taking photos for. There’s so many things about this job, one being the variety of things I’m exposed to. They lost me a little whole ago, so blogging it is.

A shot from the faculty retreat last week. Or maybe two weeks ago? Time is flying faster than usual lately. Can’t believe I’ve been in Tally for over a month.


Tally has some darn good sushi. Hit up Sakura with Alex for lunch yesterday & my sweetheart roll came out like this >>>
<br /

Finally – my projects as of late :)!! I've been on a cross stitching bender lately. Bought three b-e-a-utiful patterns from Satsuma Street on Etsy and haven't put it down since.

Between the three patterns, I needed 40+ different floss colors. Jessie came with me to Hobby Lobby and we spent – no joke – twenty five minutes spread out on the cold floor organizing and finding floss. #goodfriends

IMG_9660.JPG IMG_9672.JPG IMG_9613.JPG

Promise more blogging soon, it’s Dad’s birthday today & Kent and I are home bound for the weekend!!