Haaaaapppy Tuesday! Definitely woke up on the right side of the bed this morning.

The past week & weekend have been so much fun, still getting settled into everything and got to do some exploring this weekend.

During the week, I’m a boring creature of habit. Get home, get comfy, turn on Investigation Discovery, exercise (maybe?), eat dinner & stitch. Wild, I know ;) The latest project is this hoop that is giving me SO much grief. I liked the first three colors together and I can’t figure out the 4th for the life of me. So, I asked Instagram.

20140811-084602-31562086.jpg 20140811-084554-31554351.jpg

The vote was yellow! I stitched ALL of this on Sunday and rashly decided to rip it all out. So I’m trying another color :(
In more exciting news, KB and I did a little exploring: But first, beer.


How cute is Proof’s Railroad Square outside sitting? A weeeee bit steamy in August, but good nonetheless! Met up with a friend from work & baked relaxed in the August evening heat.


Kent tends to be the typical “super frustrated let’s just go home” kinda guy when he’s lost. Which was what we were on Saturday morning. We were going to “Jack McLean” – a huge garden state park Kent visited with his parents last month. So, we went there. “NO – this isn’t how I drove last time.” Okay. Drove a little further. “STILL NOT RIGHT.” Finally, we called Reagan – the park is called Maclay Gardens… 10+ points for you, KB ;) Long story short – we got even more lost trying to get into the park and when we finally gave up, we pulled right up to it.

It was warm, but it was so darn beautiful we didn’t mind it. We passed family photos and a wedding going on! The enormous lake reminded meof Cape Cod, where I visited every summer growing up.

20140811-084558-31558102.jpg 20140811-084606-31566457.jpg

I loved it. We’ll definitely be back when it’s a little cooler. Kent was the bombbbbb and patiently followed me through (many laps of) Homegoods and then took me to Merv’s Melt Shop after:

Kent had a BBQ chicken melt with sweet potato tater tots. It was pretty good, but the tater tots stole the show.

 think I won though – I went with a bacon, brie & carmelized onion melt with PBR chips (parmesan, balsamic & rosemary). SO GOOD. But beware ye of normal appetite: Kent and I couldn’t finish our sandwiches. We both took half home and they didn’t reheat well. We’ll definitely be splitting next time!

& in other news: my job is fantastic. I’m loving it so far, I actually look forward to going to work and writing, designing, photographing… whatever it is I’m doing that day. Feelin’ prettty darn blessed these last few weeks