A week ago today I was sitting in a restaurant with Kent, eating a burger with fried green tomatoes and goat cheese. Tonight, I’m sitting on our newly built couch, stitching and watching Dateline Mysteries. It’s been a week for the record books… I drove across the state, moved into an apartment with Kent, interviewed and accepted a job at Florida State University – all on Saturday. Since then, I’ve pieced together decorations for the apartment and turned the wrong way down a few one way streets.


(said goat cheese, fried greeen tomato, onion ring complimented, burger)




Sooo much appreciation for this guy. He couldn’t care less about decorations and has let me have my way with the decorations. I was afraid of buying a couch second hand from Craigslist so we settled on this couch from World Market. On sale, too! There were a few holes that didn’t line up and Kent had a reaaaal miserable time with it, but it’s done! Broke a sweat putting on the slipcover and I’ve spent the rest of the day stitching:



(Got this nifty floss organizer and realized how much floss I have… this isn’t even half)



New offices need decorations!! This goliath hoop will be in Kent’s office, working on a little something for mine right now. The new office is surreal.. I had my first day on Friday and it’s been awesome.


A couple more snaps of the apartment, it’s coming along! Kent about fainted when he saw my insane load of clothes on Saturday, but I managed to fit them all in there somewhere. More to come on apartment decorating and surviving sharing a studio!

20140802-185246-67966642.jpg 20140802-185247-67967503.jpg