I fell off the wagon with my weekly postings. Maybe because I’m in denial that 2014 is nearly half over… which means my lease in Orlando is up in a month… which means I have to make some serious decisions. Yup. Definitely in denial.

Recent highlights:

1. Kent moved to Tallahassee this week!

As a lot of you know, it’s been a long, hard year for Kent. He graduated last May with a degree in Criminal Justice and was offered a job almost instantly. That job fell through and after that disappointment, it was almost a year until he got another opportunity. He is the state’s newest (+ handsomest!) Juvenile Probation Officer. There aren’t words for how happy and excited I am for him. This past weekend, Mom teared up when she had to say goodbye to him & Libby wasn’t thrilled either:



2. Sarah is moving to Orlando! 

It’s the week for moving, I suppose. My baby seeester is starting her summer semester at UCF on Monday and moves in tomorrow! For the last five years everyone has assumed she’s the older sister and I’m sure a trend that’s bound to keep going. She’ll be on campus for the summer and most likely for Fall, in the same dorm that Kent’s younger brother Dylan is moving into this weekend as well. Moving week! I told ya.
Semi-unrelated picture? I helped Sarah clean out her bedroom this past weekend and found my high school journals. Fabio? Fabio! FABIO!? Almost as embarrassing as referring to ourselves as the “fab five.”


3. Tyler and I discovered the Wawa beer cooler

It actually started a the new Burger & Beer restaurant on University. Ty and I ventured out for $1 beers on Ladies Night & ended up hitting Wawa on the way home for snacks. My Mom got so excited when she realized Wawa was in Florida and I can kinda see why… cheese filled pretzels… beer coolers… fountains of mocha iced coffee… it’s gas station heaven on Earth. 20140620-125627-46587378.jpg

4. This past weekend was my parent’s wedding anniversary
I’m using that as an excuse to post this super cute picture I found this weekend. Can’t decide if I’m more impressed with my Mema’s glasses or her floral attire. #fashionpolice.



It’s been a good week y’all. ‘Til next time!