Sarah is an official graduate! Of high school!


Kent and I were talking last night about how neither of us were really raised to believe that graduating high school was a high accomplishment, a college education was inevitable and expected. Regardless.. I’ve taken over 1,000 photos in the last four days and I love a reason to get excited and celebrate.


Pictures in the band room – easily the best part of the night. Not because I wasn’t starving yet at 10 PM, not because I still had my sanity… but because there was AIR CONDITIONING. Yes, the graduation ceremony had no. air. conditioning.




Enough complaining though, there were a bunch of cute caps to look at and it was an important night for my sister. She’s three years younger than me, doesn’t have a license, but is by far the sweetest, kindest & most patient person I’ve come in contact with. Not to mention her strange, strange, STRANGE sense of humor and insane hair doin’ skillz. I love her to the moon + there were no tears last night, ’cause she’s UCF bound in less than a month!!