Ooooh I’m the worst blogger. Since I last updated in regards to my 101 in 1,001 (January :o), SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED. Some days I feel like I don’t do anything at all and other days I feel like I can’t even keep my head on straight. So, an update!



Unrelated photo of my nailz today at the gym, because I love lavender and I hate naked blog postz.

10. Get a real job!

My internship at the magazine has turned into a real, big girl job. I was promoted to Assistant Editor and my current hurdle is creating, hiring, and organizing a media department. I mean… doesn’t that sound legit?

23. Take my Dad to a concert

47. See Dave Matthews in concert

Killing two birds with one stone! I randomly decided (with Lib’s proding) to buy the fam tickets to see Dave Matthews. Dad was initially all “Kate, I can watch him on YouTube” but I WASN’T TAKING NO FOR AN ANSWER. We’re going July 19th and I’m so excited :))

37. Find a way to make a hobby profitable
100. Open an Etsy shop
101. Create ( & sell? ) cross stitch patterns

More birds and more stones. I blogged earlier about opening an Etsy shop and I can proudly say I’ve actually made a surprising amount of money from it. I laaaaaahv cross stitching and so the patterns I’ve created for my own use, I started selling via Etsy. 

49. Learn to use a sewing machine

When I graduated Kent got me some quilting supplies and a little earlier before that, I got comfy with my roommate’s sewing machine. It’s kind of a pain in the ass, but once I got the hang of it… I asked for one for graduation. More lame grandma habits… here I come ;)

52. Take a spinning class

This is a perfect example of how lazy I’ve been about updating about this list… I started spin in March and I’ve been rather obsessed since then…

53. Have perfect attendance for an entire semester

So. I was doing so good with this spring semester. I REALLY was! But I didn’t go to my (miserable) mass media research class one Wednesday night when it was torrential downpour. I guess rather than crossing this off… it’s going to stay uncrossed forever. Which makes my type A self crazy.

93. Read at least twelve books a year

When I graduated I went a weeeee bit crazy. I was at 2/12 and I’ve successfully read ten more! The Divergent series (3), Pretty Little Liars books (embarrassing… but true) (2), The Next Best Things by Jennifer Weiner, & four Kay Scarpetta books. Because crime novels 4 life.

I, Kate Mullen, will be a better blogger. Promise.

’til next time! xo



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