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1. There are special people in this world: those who can walk through Target and avoid buying “unnecessary” things. See: lip stain. Moisturizer. Makeup bag. Mud masks. Target is DANGEROUS.

2. Dis cute in Kilwins a couple weeks back. He’s a chocolate peanut butter in a waffle cone. Mackinac Island Fudge is my jam.

3. Sushi d8 with SB at Sachi. Say that three times fast y’all.

4. Pre-church selfies. Amen.

5. Saw Billy for the first time in yeaaars and taught Kenzie the ancient hawaiian secret behind flip cup.

6. Kent showed up for my graduation with this. QUILTING SUPPLIES! This man knows my heart.

7. The anniversary of Kent’s graduation we ate at Juliana’s in College Park. Same place. Same day. Equally rainy/miserable.

8. My graduation dinner @ sushi. Parents walrus-ing like professionals.

9. Easter on the beach. Not included: Subway veggie subz on jalapeno bread. (insert thumbs up emoji)

10. A different Sunday at the same beach. Reading Pretty Little Liars and the best seltzer I’ve ever had. Sorry, La Croix.

11. Twenty minutes and multiple wrench sizes later… I’m (license plate) OFFICIAL y’all!

12. Watching Cinco de Ratchet from my balcony while reading Divergent & eating Amy’s burritos. (insert another thumbs up emoji)